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Sasha Kenyon

North America Bridal Marketing & Strategy, Tiffany's

"I owe my career to Tuck, so I want to pay that forward.”

Rule number one at Tiffany’s: You must be excellent at keeping secrets.

Sasha Kenyon T’16 knows this all too well, given her role working in the luxury jeweler’s bridal division.

“I have adopted a kind of doctor-patient confidentiality when it comes to keeping secrets—you never want to ruin the surprise!” says Kenyon, who works in marketing but enjoys spending time with customers when she can. “I’m inspired by the human component of my job. I like being able to celebrate the happy occasions in our customers’ lives.”  

And if the heartwarming tales, little blue boxes and in-store engagement proposals aren’t enough, there’s one more lucrative benefit to working at Tiffany’s.

“I get to play with diamonds,” Kenyon says.

Kenyon applied to Tuck’s MBA program to make a pretty big career change. She had been working in private wealth management for Merrill Lynch and wanted to land a career in retail. While she was attending Tuck, an alum made a valuable introduction that landed her an internship at Kate Spade and opened the door for her.

“Retail was a hard industry to break into, but my Tuck connection vouched for me,” Kenyon recalls. “I had a 10-minute phone conversation with a woman in HR, and when we finished, she called me back not long after that and said, ‘I’m sending you your offer letter.’ That right there  speaks to the power of the Tuck alumni network.”

After graduation, Kenyon started working in Tiffany’s Leadership rotational program. She spent her first six months managing a retail store in New Jersey, which she called the “perfect crash course” into learning the brand. Following that, she switched over to Tiffany’s bridal segment and finished her rotational program early when the team created a full-time job to keep her.

Today at her New York office in the Flatiron District, Kenyon is spearheading Tiffany’s “love and engagement” campaign. She’s also managing product launches, focusing on international expansion and loving every minute. “I mean, what category is better than engagement rings?” she says.

Kenyon hasn’t lost touch with her classmates. Nine of the 11 weddings she has this year are for Tuckies, and yes—people ask for her advice on rings all the time. She also remains incredibly active in alumni efforts. In fact, she is a featured speaker at a Tuck alumni event in the city on October 24, and her father, Peter Kenyon, is both a Dartmouth and a Tuck alum, ‘55. As a cohead of the Tuck New York Alumni Club, Kenyon says her door is always open to Tuckies who need help as they progress in their career.

“I loved my time at Tuck and value the relationships I’ve built there,” Kenyon says. “I have been given so much, and I owe my career to Tuck, so I want to pay that forward.”

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