Dec 01, 2015

A Few Words on Immersing Yourself

By Shashank Munjal T'17

Shashank is a first-year student at Tuck who received his BSME from Purdue University. He previously worked for Cummins Inc. in Columbus, IN.

Everyday, I experience Hanover’s beautiful outdoors during my commute to Tuck. My walk, which is part of the Appalachian Trail, is one of many you can take in in the Upper Valley. One of the many benefits of attending business school at Tuck is that it gives you an opportunity to disconnect from the city life, and fully immerse yourself while in nature.

My first week at school was spent canoeing on the Connecticut River, camping along its bed, and hiking Mount Mousilauke. Since then, I have hiked many trails in the region to enjoy the beautiful foliage. Different people have different motivations for stepping outside—some want to clear their heads after a productive week at school and some just want to spend more time with their classmates. I enjoy both. Business school’s intensity will challenge you on all fronts—academics, recruiting, and social events. Hence, these mini-retreats, where I can rejuvenate while enjoying nature’s art, have become an integral part of my weekly routine. Going to Tuck is a unique experience—both personally and professionally. I encourage you to explore the benefits of both during your application process.

I realize that the fast approaching winter will soon limit my camping and hiking opportunities, but on the flipside, it will also allow me to enjoy the Upper Valley ski slopes that much sooner. (Lookout for that blogpost).

(Main photo credit: Dartmouth College)