Jul 28, 2022

Tuck Admissions Insights: Test Scores

By Tim Neil
Assistant Director of Admissions, Recruitment

Tim Neil

Standardized tests are not one-size-fits-all. Though test scores are required of all Tuck applicants*, remember that you have choices when it comes to testing. We encourage you to lean into the test(s) that work best for you.

At Tuck, all applicants must self-report scores and percentiles from either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations General Test (GRE). The GMAT is designed to measure your analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning in four sections. The GRE is designed to measure your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing in three sections. It is also accepted by a broad range of graduate schools, not just business schools.

Both the GMAT and the GRE can be taken online/at home or at a testing center so go with your personal preference; Tuck accepts the online/at home versions of these exams. And, we do not have a preference on the exam you choose to take. There are a multitude of differences between the exams beyond the format and structure mentioned above, including length, design, scoring, cost, etc. These factors and your skillset may impact your decision on which exam to choose. You may even want to take a couple free GMAT and/or GRE practice tests to aid you in your decision and preparation. At Tuck, roughly 38% of the Class of 2024 submitted a GRE score. You know yourself the best and we empower you to lean into the test that best enables you to demonstrate our “smart” admissions criterion.

For non-native English speakers, you will also need to demonstrate your English Language Proficiency unless you qualify for a waiver. This can be done via one of four different exams. Tuck is excited to offer a new choice in English Language Proficiency testing this season, the Duolingo English Test (DET). This exam is $49, it can be taken online anytime, anywhere in just one hour and it is free to send to a variety of graduate programs. In addition to the DET, Tuck also accepts the International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS), Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE), and Test of English as a Foreign Language iBT (TOEFL) exams to demonstrate your English Language Proficiency including the online/at home versions of these exams. Again, we do not have a preference as to which exam you choose to take and encourage you to select the exam that best suits you.

As you explore Tuck, make sure test prep is part of your process. Choose your preferred exam (GMAT vs. GRE and an English Language Proficiency exam, if applicable), stick to it, practice, and do not spend time stressing about it. Tests are just one indicator of the “smart” admissions criterion, and many other factors go into how we evaluate applicants. When you’ve done your due diligence with testing, move on. Focus your time and energy on another part of the application or exploring opportunities at Tuck. You’ll do far more of that as a student than preparing for admissions tests, we can promise you that!

*On January 20, 2023, we announced that GMAT/GRE test waivers may be available for eligible Round 3 (March 27, 2023) applicants in the 2022-2023 admissions cycle. To be eligible to submit a GMAT/GRE test waiver request, you must: have been laid off no earlier than August 1, 2022, regardless of industry, have a minimum of two years post-graduate professional work experience, be aligned with Tuck’s values and admissions criteria, and, qualify for our English Language Proficiency test waiver if you are a non-native English speaker. Please see the GMAT/GRE Test Waiver Request section of our FAQs for information on eligibility, evaluation, etc. 

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