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Oct 20, 2021

All In: The September/October Edition with Tuck Admissions Director Amy Mitson

By Amy Mitson
Co-Executive Director, Admissions and Financial Aid

Amy Mitson

Each month, Amy Mitson, co-executive director of Tuck Admissions, will be here on the Tuck360 Blog to share the latest news, insights, and advice from Admissions. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing what makes the Tuck MBA experience distinct. As Teo Gonzalez T’21 puts it: “Tuck is a place where everyone can be 'all in.' When you commit to this experience, you commit to two years when all your focus is on yourself, your teammates, and your craft.

I blinked and summer turned to Fall! It is cooler in the mornings here in Hanover, and the air feels crisper just in time for apple picking season.

Let me get you up to speed! Our T’23s are on campus, in classes, and getting to know their classmates through the intense first term of their MBA. In equally exciting news, the T’22s have returned to Hanover after their internships and are already sharing their experiences with the first-year class.  Tuck is abuzz with activity and excitement. To our T’23s, welcome to Tuck and to our T’22s welcome back!

My admissions colleagues and I have been speaking to many of you over the past few months. From Information Sessions to Answers Only webinars to Conversations with Tuck Admissions, it’s been a season stacked with online events and we take great pleasure in getting to know more about you as you navigate the MBA application process. We will continue to have Online Event opportunities for you. Please join us whenever you have a question to ask, a point to clarify, or just want to know a bit more about the Tuck MBA. 

We’re lucky to have a dedicated group of second-year students, Tuck Admissions Associates (TAAs), who lead the charge with interviewing each incoming class. The start of interview season quickly transitions into the start of reading season. The admissions committee will soon be deep into file reading and evaluating many of you on Tuck’s four admissions criteria. For those of you who have not yet applied, brush up on these before you hit submit! 

Many of you have asked about what the MBA will look like this year at Tuck. While I have stopped trying to predict the future, I can tell you that our moment right now is inspiring! Students are in class, on campus, and jumping into MBA life. Stell Hall is full of Tuckies getting to know one another, and last week it was a challenge to get through the crowd of T’23s handing in their mid-term exams. Second-year students returned to Hanover and had a chance to celebrate with one another during some re-orientation events (aptly named Tuck Recharge). Tuck’Tails, our community cocktail hour, is back after an incredibly long hiatus, and a scavenger hunt, small group dinners, and a band party under the stars rounded out the weekend festivities for students and partners. And faculty could not be happier to be in the classroom with students

Early in the month, we hosted the 27th Tuck Diversity Conference. This year's theme, Strength through Stories, was picked to remind us that everyone is different, and our differences make our personal stories unique. We hope that by sharing our stories, we can create a community in which diversity is accepted and celebrated. Keynote speakers included Tuck alumnus Dawson Her Many Horses T'10 and Dr. Terrence Roberts of the Little Rock Nine. While we could not accommodate all applicants due to the event being quite oversubscribed, there are numerous ways to connect with us this fall. We hope to see you soon and answer any questions you have about Tuck and your application this year.

As the academic year picks up, I will have even more to share with you, but for now, I’ll leave you with an article on summer reads from Tuck alumni authors—maybe you’ll find your new favorite book in the mix!

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