Jul 21, 2014

Club Spotlight: Faith Based Groups

Inclusiveness, camaraderie, participation—these are Tuck traditions. From club meetings to student-run symposia to volunteering in the wider community, you'll find ways to get involved at Tuck. The following faith based student groups serve to connect those with shared religious beliefs and traditions, as well as to introduce their beliefs and traditions to less familiar members of Tuck’s community.

The Tuck Jewish Association: The Tuck Jewish Association was founded to help build a sense of community for the Jewish students at Tuck, especially around the Holidays.  Yet, the Jewish Association does more than just that – we also want to help students and faculty at Tuck, more broadly, share in our customs and traditions.  In addition to dinners around the High Holy Days, we celebrated Sukkot at a Professor’s House, relived the glory days of Jewish Camp during a Cabin Night and held a school-wide Passover Seder with almost 100 Tuck Students (pictured above).  This year, we’re extending the festivities to include a Chanukah-Themed Tuck Tails (Latkes – potato pancakes - and jelly donuts included!) and a Purim (costume party). The Tuck Jewish Association is excited to celebrate and share the culture and traditions of Judaism with the entire Tuck Community!

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah

The Association of Christian Tuck Students: ACTS is a group of Tuck affiliates who worship Jesus Christ and who are dedicated to serving others. ACTS purpose is to support followers of Jesus in their faith and to be a resource for the community. ACTS is especially available to those who may be interested in learning more about the life of Jesus and the significance of committing their will to Him. We do so by hosting weekly meetings of Bible reading and discussion and organizing various dinners and trips throughout the year.

ACTS Christmas Dinner