Jul 06, 2016

Club Spotlight: The Entrepreneurship Club

By Apurva Sacheti T'16

Have an idea? Searching for useful resources and well-wishers to get you kick started? The Entrepreneurship Club at Tuck strives to save the most valuable asset your startup has—time—by organizing informational and networking sessions, workshops, and useful resources that have proven to be useful to entrepreneurs at Tuck and beyond. Here are two ways you can leverage the E-ship club at Tuck:

Get into the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

E-ship club familiarizes entrepreneurial Tuckies to a number of opportunities and useful resources at Tuck and Dartmouth. Through the club, you can learn about which entrepreneurship courses at Tuck rock, how you can get access to seed funding on Dartmouth’s campus, and acquire information about global entrepreneurship competitions that will help you raise $$(!). Rob Thelen T’16 was working on his idea to create a more efficient way to share social and contact information. Becoming a part of the E-ship ecosystem early on, he learned about opportunities to gain seed funding and picked up $5,000 from the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network. Rob is at the verge of launching the beta version of Fliqapp—his mobile application—soon!

Find the right people and skills.

Getting connected to like-minded people can help otherwise lone entrepreneurs seek advice, acquire a support group, and refine their ideas. Justin Gerrard T’16, founder of BAE, a dating application, says, “My classmates in the E-ship club provided me a support structure and network of confidants who gave me the drive and insights to launch my venture with confidence.”

The E-ship club, for many Tuckies like Justin, is a place to get connected—whether it’s to find your co-founder or find a helpful Tuckie with a useful skill that you might need. The E-ship Club endeavors to be a melting pot of people and resources that are valuable to a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

These are just two ways that the Club can help you work on your idea. Moreover, as part of the Club you also get the opportunity to mold its initiatives and bring new opportunities to entrepreneurially-minded Tuckies, so as to further the Club’s mission to help Tuckies succeed in the startup ecosystem, today and in the future.

Apurva Sacheti is a T'16 and part of the Entrepreneurship Club at Tuck. Prior to Tuck, Apurva worked on two entrepreneurial ventures, in the quick service restaurant and e-learning sectors in India respectively. Apurva completed his bachelor of engineering in electronics and communication from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra in 2009.