Jun 30, 2016

Club Spotlight: Tuck Tech Club

The Technology Club helps Tuck students learn about the roles that MBAs play at technology companies and gain exposure to different high-tech industries. Often, members also hold membership in other clubs like Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and General Management in order to better understand a particular area of interest, applying it to their knowledge of the technology industry gained from the Technology Club.

Aside from networking, case competitions, speakers, and other on-campus activities, the Technology Club also hosts the annual Geirheads Technology Conference, a one-day event in the fall featuring speakers, panels, and workshops focused on current trends in Tech. In the winter, the club coordinates an annual technology trek to Silicon Valley and Seattle, visiting the campuses of some of the top tech companies in the country and networking with West Coast alumni. Past tech treks have included visits to Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Intel, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Groupon, Pocket Gems, Tesla, IDEO, LinkedIn, Electronic Arts, and Yahoo.

For those looking to make a career switch into the technology industry, the Technology Club plays an integral role in supporting that journey. The club is very supportive throughout the recruiting process, often putting students in touch with Tuck alumni working in tech. The club helps review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and make connections so that you can expand your network outside of on-campus resources. The Tech Trek is also a great opportunity to establish initial contacts within a company, allowing them to network into their ideal summer internship. Being able to visit a company in person is also a great way to get a sense of whether or not the company or industry is a fit for you.

This year's Technology Club co-chairs are T'17s Ema Reid, Eduardo Gonzalez, Santhosh Havangi, and Yuri Maruyama. 

Visit the Center for Digital Strategies website to learn about other opportunities in technology at Tuck.