Feb 19, 2012

Crazy Parties

By Luis G - T'13

I’ve been hitting the party scene pretty hard lately. I’ve attended about five parties over the last couple of weekends. They’ve been fun, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m overdoing it, much less if I can handle the headaches, the noise, and the craziness for another weekend. Were it not for the juice boxes, cupcakes, and bouncers, I don’t think I could make it any longer.
For anyone coming to Tuck with partners/children, my advice is to be prepared to meet new people. Even though there may not be an official school function to attend with the family every weekend, families get together all the time for play-dates, lunches, or birthday parties. Developing relationships with other partners and Tiny Tuckies is also important during the first year when Tuck students are busy with academics. For those of you coming with children; do what you have to do to prepare yourself now because these kiddie parties get crazy. Hit the weight room and aim for a weight equal to that of your child. This is important because these bouncers spit kids out and you need to toss them back in. Get your cardio workout in, preferably sprinting. This will come in handy when your kid is about to eat his/her 5th cupcake and you need to sprint across the room to knock it out of his/her hand. Hurdles may come in handy as well because you never know if you have jump over any kids in your path.
I would like to write a little more but I think I spot some kids getting ready for some UFC action over the last piece of cake.