Dec 06, 2017

Creating My Tuck Story. What Will Yours Be?

By Tayo Odusanya T’19

A mantra we often hear at Tuck is “pay it forward.” So it would come as no surprise that Tuck’s participation in the MBA Tour recruiting event in Lagos on October 7, 2017 was the result of alumni, opting in when Admissions asked for representation at a Lagos event. Coincidentally, I had planned to spend my fall break with family in Lagos and was more than happy to jump on board and present a student viewpoint. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it felt like I was a matchmaker bringing two of my faves together: Tuck in rustic Hanover and the busy, fast-paced city of Lagos.

Oye Fajobi T’14, Ryan Amico T’16, and I shared our perspectives on why we chose Tuck and what the transformative journey has meant for us individually. While there was no shortage of interest in Tuck from enthusiastic prospective students, there was certainly a huge variance in knowledge about Tuck and Hanover. I’ll share here why I chose Tuck, and what I believe the program has to offer to others who might be on the fence as they consider where to make their home away from home.

Tuck Students Class of 2019

A small group of African students at Tuck from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

Making the decision to leave an established life behind and journey to a different continent for advanced studies is no small feat. You’re likely leaving behind family, careers, communities, and comfort. The strong community at Tuck is one of the hallmarks of the institution. Its small class size makes it easy to get to know a larger percentage of your classmates and form close ties more organically. Whether it be through a pre-term trip, dorm life, small group dinners, tripod hockey, or a trip to Murphy’s (a popular Tuck hangout spot), you will find many opportunities to find your place in what we affectionately refer to as the Tuck Fabric.


Tuck is one of the more family-friendly full-time MBA programs, with graduate housing available for students who choose to make the move with family. Your admission to make this place home is extended to your Tuck Partner (read: spouse) and your Tiny Tuckie (read: children). In addition to many job opportunities and career resources, there are several ways for your Tuck Partner to get involved including auditing classes; participating in organized sports; getting involved in planned activities by the active Tuck Partner group; and through engaging with the Upper Valley community at large. 

Tuck Students on an international adventure trip to Croatia

Tuck students and Tuck Partners on a pre-term trip to Croatia.

Despite the small class size, there are 38 countries represented here at Tuck by citizenship. Not only do Tuckies come from all over the world, but Tuckies go all over the world. Tuck students are global-minded and participate in many experiential opportunities in the Upper Valley and beyond. A few ways I have engaged is by attending a pre-term trip to Croatia where I formed some great and lasting friendships; through Tuck Community Consulting, where I work with a team of my classmates on a project for a local nonprofit; and by volunteering on a Saturday in the New England outdoors through Tuck Serves, a day of service initiated and run by fellow students. A significant part of the Tuck experience is developing leaders with a global mindset. Tuck students are required to fulfill a global experience (TuckGO) through opportunities such as Global Insight Expeditions, First-Year Projects, OnSite Global Consulting projects, and Exchange programs. This was a huge plus for me when I was researching schools.

Tuck students participating in community service.

Tuck students and Tuck Partner volunteering with Upper Valley Land Trust through Tuck Serves.

If we’re being honest, most of us did not embark on an MBA journey simply for community and to travel the globe. Career advancement is usually the primary motivation. While you’re at Tuck, you can count on the many resources here to help you pursue your career goals and aspirations. Just check the employment stats: Tuck consistently places students and graduates in job at record rates, with the class of 2016 clocking in at 100 percent internship placement and 98 percent job placement within three months of graduation.

My experience in America from undergraduate throughout my professional career taught me one thing: the networks that you form along the way are critical for your career growth and professional development. This wasn’t something I understood fully as a 16-year-old immigrant student in college. But with age comes maturity and I knew this was a necessary component of whatever MBA program I chose.

The strong alumni network is one of the open secrets here at Tuck. Tuckies, whether current or graduated, are staunch supporters and cheerleaders of other Tuckies. Be it through career chats, connecting me with important contacts, or pep talks when I need inspiration, I have found the reputation the Tuck community holds to be well earned. I knew that I wanted to have this strong, close-knit army of Tuckies by my side, not just for the two years I will spend here, but for the many years beyond graduation.

Tayo Odusanya T'19Tayo Odusanya is a first-year student at Tuck. Before Tuck, Tayo was a middle school math teacher and has a collection of funny anecdotes, fidget spinners and fond memories to prove it. After Tuck, she hopes to explore a career in management consulting. Tayo is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, but lived in Virginia and then Georgia prior to Tuck.