Feb 01, 2022

February Update on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Tuck School

By Dia Draper
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dia Draper

After the release of our DEI Strategic Review and Action Plan in October, we spent the fall term forging deeper connections with T’22s in-person after a year of hybrid connection, as well as T’23s who arrived in August with contagious energy and excitement. Our priorities were to launch the new Tuck DEI website, deliver student-focused fall term programming and events, assess our communication around DEI issues, and begin to build a sustainable infrastructure to support the next phase of our work: implementing the Action Plan.  

There is so much to do—and we want to do it all now, fast, and simultaneously—but we also know this is not realistic. Thus, we continue the work, making progress day-by-day while tending to the current needs of the community. The DEI team was energized by the chance to work with students, faculty, and staff to bring dynamic programs to Tuck this fall. From Dr. Terence Roberts’ keynote address for the Tuck Diversity Conference to T’03 Kate Jhaveri’s down-to-earth yet inspiring keynote for the Women in Business Conference.  

We were fortunate to have Jerry Won, a Tuck community favorite, visit Hanover in September to share his story and challenge students to live authentically and align their values with the culture of the organizations they work with post-MBA. In October, the Student Board requested that all newly elected members join one of the Implicit Bias workshops offered by Kara Wakefield of Dartmouth’s Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity. In November, students learned the “5 Ds” of bystander intervention, using case studies and discussion to add actionable tools and solutions to their inclusive leadership skillsets. Finally, we owe a debt of gratitude to the student co-chairs of the Mental Health & Wellness Initiative (MHWI) for their hard work getting the newest group of Peer Support Counselors through the required training in Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention. 

We also made space for the tough conversations and the times when we did not get it right. One example is how T’23 students came together for two “Real Talk” sessions after students expressed the need for structured, moderated discussions on the heels of a controversial DEI session during Tuck Launch.  

These are just a few of the ways that student and alumni feedback have influenced the training, programs, and events that we bring to the community. On the heels of another uplifting celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. earlier this month, we are excited to welcome Black Legacy Month 2022, Lunar New Year, and the opportunities to learn, grow, and be together. 

Wishing you well, 


Dia Draper (she/her)
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Many Voices. One Tuck. 

Inspiring Moment of the Month

Jodi-Ann Burey

We are fortunate to host many wonderful guest speakers at Tuck throughout the academic year. The opportunity to learn from and through the experiences of some of the most dynamic people in business and academia is one of the great benefits of higher education.

Thanks to Katy Milligan D’90, T’07, program director for Dartmouth’s Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS), we were fortunate to welcome TED speaker, podcaster, creator, and health equity advocate Jodi-Ann Burey as our featured speaker for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Burey works at the intersections of race, culture, and health and draws from education, global health, entrepreneurship, and other disciplines in her work, yielding intelligent, relatable, and inspiring connections with her audience. 

Jodi-Ann Burey

Burey shared her experiences with students in both the MHCDS, and MBA programs. Her keynote address for MHCDS participants, who were in residence during her visit, was a masterclass in storytelling. During her visit, Burey also met with members of the Black Students Association at Tuck (BSAT) over breakfast and ended her visit by meeting students from the Center for Health Care and executive director Suzie Rubin. Burey answered questions ranging from navigating and checking bias (our own and others’), to imposter syndrome and living life on your own terms.  

Burey’s honest, vulnerable, and often humorous depictions of her journey to and through cancer survivorship was a gift. She shared the ways that the health care system and the professionals that care for us are frequently biased against women, folks with few financial resources, and people of color—often with dire consequences. Burey was able to challenge us to find ways to disrupt those biases while also sharing stories of compassion, connection, and hope. 
We highly recommend her TED talk on “The Myth of Bringing Your Full Authentic Self to Work”

Recommended Listening

Jodi-Ann Burey Podcasts:

DE&I Community News

IDEA logo

We are excited to announce the formation of the inaugural IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Action) Committee at Tuck. This committee will serve as an advisory body to Dean Draper and Dean Slaughter as we take action on the findings and recommendations of our DEI Strategic Review and the focus areas of our DEI Action Plan. Committee members include students, staff, faculty, and alumni who will contribute their unique perspectives, experiences, skills, and insights to the group via discussion and feedback. The committee will help support Tuck’s commitment to inclusive excellence in the execution of the School’s mission across our community, culture, and curriculum. 

2022 IDEA Committee Members

Jazmine Brite T'22
Sean Chu T'23
Dia Draper (Co-Chair)
Reuben Hampton T'20
Sam Haws T'23
Stephanie Hernandez T'23
Adam Kleinbaum 
Sohini Kundu T'23

Lindsey Leininger
Margaux Lohry
Vincent Mack
Lisa Miller
Lesley Nesbitt
Matt Slaughter (Co-Chair)
Kevin White T'22

Tuck Association of Diverse Alumni (TADA) Looks Ahead to 2022 Plans

Though the emergence of Omicron meant 2022 rang in quietly, the New Year is still an opportunity for a fresh start. We wish you health, happiness, and success in 2022 and all the good things to come! Here are some timely updates from TADA to start off the New Year right.

TADA will host our first-ever alumni diversity conference in 2022. As we plan event details and finalize logistics, we’d love your input on conference dates and location. Please take 30 seconds to complete this survey to share your preferences.

We are also seeking two additional TADA co-chairs, as well as regional leads to host local meetups. (Drinks are always on us!) If you have passion for and a commitment to DEI at Tuck and are curious about getting more involved, email us at


Lisha Davis T’10 
Ramsey Jay Jr. T’05 
Joanna Jen T’08 
TADA Co-chairs 

Next50 Expands, Welcoming New Student Fellows and Associates

Next50, now a program under Tuck’s DEI initiatives and Dean Draper’s leadership, expanded to a team of 12 fellows and 15 associates who are working with Tuck faculty, administration, and students. This year’s fellows and associates are leading the following initiatives: writing cases that include diverse protagonists, working with faculty to add more diverse examples to the curriculum, and creating a toolkit to facilitate this work. Next50 is also launching a DEI-focused case competition thanks to a generous alumni gift from Win D’72 T’73 and Christie Neuger. We look forward to a bright and productive year ahead with a fantastic and passionate team! 

Next50 Fellows
Tabitha Bennett T’22 (Co-Chair)
Emily Blau T’22
Shimoli Gandhi T’22
Jasmine Joda T’23
Megan Lynch T’23
Devu Nair T’23
Sherry Yang T’23
Prathyusha Yeluri T’23

Next50 Associates
Saleha Ahmed T’23
Jessica Capwell T’23
Sam Haws T’23
Gissell Castellon, T’22 (Co-Chair)

Caroline Carey T’22
Sansha Cornelio T’23
Lindsay Cox T’22 (Co-Chair)
Destinée Mentor-Richards T’23
Elizabeth Raboy T’23
Carson Taylor T’23
Jordan Figueroa T’23
Seare Kidane T’23
Jillian Di Filippo T’22
Ava Giglio T’23
Daphne Feng T’23
Divya Bobra T’23
Sara Seaman T’22
Annie Boardman T’23
Joanna Morgan T’23

A New Club at Tuck: Introducing LIFT

Before this academic year, Tuck did not have formal communities for students who came from low-income families or were the first in their families to pursue higher education. A group of T’22s and T’23s collaborated over the summer and fall terms to propose and ultimately secure recognition of LIFT: Low Income and First-Generation at Tuck. This club aims to provide a space for open conversation as well as resources to enable academic and professional success.

An inaugural dinner and community forum was held in the fall term, with more events to come. Stay tuned, or contact Alan Rice T’23, Andrew Key T’23, or Jonathan Diaz T’22 for more information!

Student Board Election Results

The recent T’23 Student Board election yielded Tuck’s first African American female Vice President, Destinée Mentor-Richards, and resulted in a record number of Consortium students on the board. Congratulations to all elected students!

Vice President: Destinée Mentor-Richards 
Judicial Board: Catherine Wetlinski & McKenzie Hunt 
Treasurer: Alfredo Baudet Haddad 
Social Chairs: Rob Eckstein & Sam Haws 
Quality of Life Chair: Sabira Rakhimova 
DE&I Chair: Jasmine Joda 

Academic Chair: Mitchell Jacobs 
Club Chair: Oye Odewunmi 
Career Chair: Geet Kalra 
Tech Chair: Carly Wolberg 
International Chair: Sansha Cornelio

Dartmouth Welcomes Chloe Poston to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE)

Chloe (pronounced with a silent ‘e’) joined the Office of IDE as associate vice president of strategic initiatives in July 2021. She comes to Dartmouth from a similar role at Brown University, where she also earned her PhD in chemistry. 

Chloe is leading the newly organized diversity and inclusion team and will also help develop a campus-wide strategic plan for diversity, with the goal to create a more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable learning and working environment across Dartmouth.
Learn more about Chloe and her important work at Dartmouth.

DE&I Student Co-Chair Corner

With Becky Timmons T’22 and Jasmine Joda T’23 

We are excited to serve as the new DEI student co-chairs! This year, we are focused on increasing DEI learning opportunities at Tuck. We’ve held internal bias and bystander intervention trainings this academic year and are looking forward to piloting different types of sessions—such as simulation games— and providing incentive-based programming to reward individuals doing the work to become more aware and educated allies. We’re also working to increase a sense of belonging for students at Tuck. We launched a coffee chat initiative called “Tell Me More” to encourage connections across the student community and will be launching an anonymous dropbox called “Community Corner” to provide students a structured process for giving suggestions and feedback on issues, topics, programs and events related to DEI at Tuck.

We’re also looking forward to launching a Return on Inclusion (ROI) Fund to promote events that are focused on creating unique experiences and fostering a sense of belonging in the Tuck community.  

Becky is originally from Newtown, Connecticut and earned her BS in Management from the University of Connecticut. Prior to Tuck, she was a digital marketing manager at Achievement Network, an education nonprofit. Jasmine is originally from Bloomington, Illinois and earned her BS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to Tuck, she was a management consultant at Accenture. 


History, Heritage, Honor and Upcoming Events

Black Legacy Month
Throughout the month of February, the Tuck and Dartmouth communities will offer a number of events and programs to celebrate BLM. Keep checking for upcoming events in celebration of Black Legacy Month at Tuck and Dartmouth, including:

  • January 30: Black Student Association (BSAT) Film, The Harder They Fall
  • January 31: Speed Stories with Senior Diversity Officer Shontay Delalue
  • February 3: Haiti Roundtable - Beyond the Headlines
  • February 3: Black Legacy Month TuckTails Hosted by BSAT
  • February 6: Field Day
  • February 23: Dartmouth Alumni Panel including Nykia Wright T'09
  • February 24: Film: Freda, Sponsored by AAAS
  • February 25–27: Black Ski Weekend
  • Throughout February: Black Excellence Banner Spotlight around the Dartmouth Green

The purpose of Black Legacy Month is to recognize the Black experience, explore topical issues in the Black community while giving context to a vision of what the Black future could be, and engage the Dartmouth community in an appreciation for all that Black people have contributed to the campus and the world at large.

Lunar New Year

According to Diversity for Social Impact more than 1.5 billion people around the world celebrate Lunar New Year. This year, Lunar New Year is on February 1, 2022. In Chinese culture, it is a 15-day celebration. In Vietnam, Tết Nguyên Đán lasts for up to a week. In South Korea, Seollal lasts for three days. Learn about the festival traditions, popular foods, and decorations. Check out the top 10 things to know about Lunar New Year and how to wish someone a ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese.

Upcoming Lunar New Year events:

  • January 31: Dumpling Night
  • February 4: Hot Pot Small Group Dinner
  • February 2: Tuck Mahjong Night
  • February 8: Hezi For Dinner with artist and chef Cai Xi, hosted by The HOP

In Case You Missed It

In December 2021, a group of T’22s embarked on the TuckGO course “Freedom Riders 2021: Unpacking Systemic Racism in America and Its Impact for Leadership” led by Professors Ella Bell Smith and Adam Kleinbaum. The group traveled to Washington, D.C.; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; and Montgomery, AL, visiting important cultural and heritage sites, meeting with business, academic, and civic leaders, and spending time in fellowship and reflection.

As part of the GIX, Tuck students and faculty visited the The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL.