Aug 14, 2023

Get to Know the Tuck Admissions Associates Program

By Kristin Roth
Associate Director of Admissions, Evaluation

Kristin Roth

Our admissions interviews are conducted primarily by a select group of trained second-year students known as Tuck Admissions Associates (TAAs). Our TAAs are both excellent evaluators and ardent ambassadors for Tuck so, as you prepare for your interview, be ready to talk about how you demonstrate Tuck’s criteria for admissions and to ask for their insights on the Tuck program and experience.

How many interviewers does Tuck have?

Close to a third of Tuck’s first-year class applied for the T’24 TAA role. Following a rigorous selection process, 52 second-year students joined us as TAAs in the spring of 2023.

How are students selected for the TAA role?

First-year students go through a multi-step evaluation process in order to be offered a position as a TAA. Applicants:

  • Submit a resume and short essay,
  • Interview with a member of the graduating TAA class,
  • Conduct a mock interview, and
  • Observe a mock interview and complete an evaluation of the interview.

What do you look for when evaluating TAA candidates’ applications?

To be an excellent TAA, you have to be able to put candidates at ease so they can share their best selves, to evaluate applicants fairly using good judgment, and to communicate your assessments in writing to the admissions committee. We assess TAA candidates’ interpersonal and decision-making skills through the interview and mock interview evaluation process. We assess their writing skills in their essay, resume, and mock interview write-up. TAAs must be very knowledgeable about many aspects of the Tuck experience, so we take a close look at their engagement in Tuck academic and community life as well as their internship and career plans.

Our TAAs are empathetic and curious interviewers who know how to ask questions to draw out your story, capture the information you share, and succinctly put in writing what they learn from you in the interview.

How are TAAs trained?

Incoming TAAs participate in a series of training exercises throughout the year. Before new TAAs leave for their summer internships, they take part in an all-morning introduction to admissions interviewing. The incoming TAAs also have the opportunity to view mock interviews conducted with incoming student volunteers, so they can see our experienced TAAs in action and practice their evaluation skills. Over the summer, they participate in an unconsicous bias educational session and have a refresher training right before the start of fall interviewing. TAAs sit down with an admissions officer after completing their early interviews to get feedback and ask questions. Throughout the school year, TAAs meet regularly to debrief and discuss the interview process and calendar.

What parts of my application do TAAs read?

TAAs only have access to your resume, which they use to identify questions that draw out evidence of each of our four admissions criteria. TAAs do not know if you were invited to interview by the admissions committee or if you utilized the guaranteed interview deadlines. They approach all interviews with the same lens: focusing on our admissions criteria and your story.

What happens after my interview?

TAAs listen and take notes during your interview, then refer to those notes to complete an online interview report form corresponding to our admissions criteria, your communication skills, and your professional impression. At the end of the evaluation, they select their level of support for your candidacy, from champion to oppose.

Our TAAs take pride in their role in the admissions process, are invested in Tuck and its students, and are excited to learn more about you and share with you what makes Tuck special.