May 02, 2012

Guest Blog: Alice Lin T’14 is Excited for Tuck

By Blog Guest

Alice Lin is a Los Angeles native currently living in Boston. Alice has worked in both the energy and actuarial consulting industries. Among other interests, she enjoys sampling new cuisines and anything and everything outdoors.   

Wow, am I glad to be done with the whirlwind b-school application process! But let’s be honest, I probably would have done anything to get into Tuck. Ever since my boss started sending me videos about life at Tuck, ASW, and Tuck winning the Kneissl Cup during Winter Carnival ’08 among many others, I was sold…and this was over a year before the whole application process - before I even took the GMAT in fact. But those were minor technicalities in the scheme of things. There wasn’t any other school to consider (well at least according to all of the Tuckies I met along the way). I may or may not have been influenced by heavily biased Tuck alums at work, but I do have a couple of other coworkers that went to other top schools (that were higher ranked than Tuck, but I won’t name names) telling me that they sincerely wished they had gone to Tuck instead.
Where was all this Tuck love coming from? I got a taste of it in the coming months as I conducted my due diligence and went to school presentations, campus visits, and the whole nine yards. Throughout the process I mentioned to several friends that I was very interested in Tuck, and almost immediately got put in touch with tons of current students and alums who were very excited to speak with me about their experiences. The best was when a T’11 met up with me on a rainy, cold day in Boston – he did not have an umbrella so he went and bought one just so he could walk the distance he needed to meet me. He also ended up buying ME beers though he was the one helping me out. He said it was the highlight of his week being able to share his Tuck experiences with a prospective student. I also found it entertaining when I was at another school for an on-campus visit and several other prospectives initiated conversations with me about Tuck and how they loved their visits there. Hope the Admissions folks there didn’t overhear this.
Needless to say, I have been very excited about Tuck from Day One. I applied Early Action and found out before Christmas that I had been accepted. Since that time, a crew of us in Boston has met up on several occasions. During ASW it was really nice to have these familiar faces, but even so, everyone else was incredibly friendly and excited to meet each other (both current and new students). It was awesome to get a taste of life at Tuck and now I am even more excited about starting school in the fall - probably equally, if not more, excited than for my 2 months off beforehand…