Oct 26, 2016

Internship Diary: Boston Children’s Hospital

By Julia Tsang T'17

I came to Tuck to gain a well-rounded business foundation that would allow me to make a meaningful impact on the health care delivery system. I’m particularly interested in technology solutions that redefine the way patients interact with our health care system. During the school year, I engaged with the Health Care Initiative, spoke with alumni and visiting executives across health care sectors, and took electives with fantastic professors. With feedback and support from Tuck GIVES, I explored different options for my summer internship and was lucky to find a role at Boston Children’s Hospital that matched my interests and would give me the opportunity to gain direct exposure to health care delivery.

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) is a leading academic medical center with talented clinicians and resources to tackle complex pediatric cases. I was excited to join the Telehealth team, which is part of BCH’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator group. The group is composed of a diverse team with experience that spans clinical care, research, policy, software development, and business—from strategy to operations. Within the group, the Telehealth team is working to expand access to the hospital’s clinical expertise.

My focus during the summer was largely on direct-to-patient virtual visits, which is like Skype for health care. This Telehealth offering has been used at BCH over the past several years for follow-up appointments and research on an ad-hoc basis. My team was working to scale the solution, which has a clear value proposition for both patients and providers. To do so, we spoke with families, clinicians, administrators, vendors, and other institutions to determine our implementation strategy. I saw which business skills were most useful for getting things done in such a complex system, and I also had visibility to understand how the hospital prioritized and evaluated its major initiatives. The exposure and experience surpassed my expectations and has helped me further frame my approach to building a career in health care.

Overall, the most rewarding component of my summer with Boston Children’s Hospital was the people—both those I worked with, and those we were able to help. The collaborative team culture and unity behind a powerful mission—“Until every child is well”—was more than I could have hoped for. It was inspiring to go to work every day, partner with experts, and know that I was working on solutions that would make a huge difference in families’ lives across the globe.

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