Apr 21, 2015

Life after the Military: Why an MBA?

If you’re transitioning out of your military service, you have a wide array of choices in front of you. Why consider an MBA? Below, four Tuck veterans offer their perspectives on the value an MBA provides and why Tuck was the right school for them. If you would like to learn more about the MBA and Tuck, join us for Tuck's annual Military Visit Day on Monday, May 4, 2015 in Hanover, NH. The day will include a class visit and panels hosted by members of the Admissions Committee, current military students, the Career Development Office, and the Financial Aid Office.

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Steve Janco T’16, US Naval Academy 2008
I was searching for a new set of challenges as I made the decision to transition from the service. While I had genuinely enjoyed my time in the SEAL Teams, I believed that an MBA would serve as the capstone needed to step into the next phase of my career. An MBA allows you to leverage your experiences from the service while developing the critical skills necessary for success in your next endeavor. My experience at Tuck has exceeded every expectation, not only as a student but in my personal life as well. As a student, I am continually amazed by the inclusive environment at Tuck and the caliber of my classmates. There is an immediate sense here that everyone wants to see you succeed and genuinely cares about your short and long-term goals. On a personal level, my wife and children are truly a part of the culture here at Tuck. As a family we enjoy every minute of this experience.

I can promise that you will be valued here and given the opportunity to further develop yourself alongside an amazing group of friends. The Tuck Veterans Club as well as the overall Tuck community is here to help, so please reach out as you work through your personal decision making process.

Sara McGuigan T’16, US Coast Guard Academy 2008
Following the expiration of my obligated service, I was faced with a transition point in my life and career. I had a general curiosity to try new things, learn a new skill, and meet new people. I knew that an excellent program would help guide me, and I was very right. Not only have the core classes given me a great business foundation, it has exposed me to so many different industries, companies, and functions that have allowed me to smartly think about what I would like to pursue. On top of that, on a more personal level, faculty, staff, and peers have helped me to make the transition emotionally easy. Their relentless support has allowed me to feel confident in this new venture and highly value the leadership experiences that I bring.

Rob Wilson T’16, Notre Dame 2009
When I made the decision to leave the Navy and pursue other opportunities, business school quickly rose to the top of my list. The complexity of problems you'll face and the responsibilities you'll be given at a company after receiving an MBA are tough to compete with. I pushed myself hard throughout my submarine career to learn everything I could and to gain the respect of those I led; that is a process I feel I'm continuing here at business school. I've been amazed at the diversity of my classmates' experiences. I learn as much outside the classroom through these new friendships as I ever could inside it. Business school has exceeded all my expectations and I recommend a strong consideration of an MBA program for anyone transitioning from the service. Your varied perspective will be valued in the community and you will gain every skill you need to succeed two years later in the job market. I hope this helps you to make an informed decision about your future; reach out to vets and schools and we'll be willing to help.

Max Wunderlich T’16, US Military Academy 2008
Before I committed to leaving the active duty Army, I wanted to have a plan in place for the future. After talking with a number of friends and networking with other veterans who had gotten out, I knew it would be possible to get a job without getting an MBA. However, with the increasing number of junior officers leaving the military, I knew that I needed to find a way to set myself apart in order to get the job that I really wanted, and the MBA was the best way for me to do that. It would arm me with the necessary business skills, and connect me with a helpful and supportive alumni network that would be able to help guide me through my transition and beyond. In the end, the Tuck MBA proved the ideal fit for me and my family, as it allowed me to attain my professional goals in an unmatched community and collaborative environment.