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Jun 03, 2022

Many Voices, One Tuck: Meet Calin Wilson T’22 and Armando Felicio Filho T’22

By Tuck Communications

In celebration of Pride Month, we asked members of our LGBTQ+ community to reflect on their goals, accomplishments, inspirations, and passions.

The Tuck and Dartmouth community’s Pride 2022 theme, The Colors of Pride, represents the endless spectrum of gender and sexual identities, along with the many other backgrounds, that our community represents.

Calin Wilson T’22

Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His
Hometown: Parkland, Florida

Calin Wilson T'22

What does Pride mean to you?

Celebrating wherever you are in your journey toward embracing your whole identity.

What keeps you busy? How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Traveling—to old favorites and new destinations alike—and enjoying lots of food and wine along the way.

How would you describe your life philosophy? What do you believe are the components of a “good” life? How do you define “success”?

Embracing change and its beauty has become a source of excitement for me, rather than one of fear. My dad has always said, “You can never go back.” This instilled a belief in me that everything, as it exists in this moment, is truly for a moment.

I think a lot of “success” comes from recognizing how ephemeral life can be and avoiding longing for the past in exchange for being present in the moment—whatever that moment may be.

In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

Recognizing that a mission can only be realized when people, at the individual level, are empowered to do so. Listening, expressing gratitude, and giving people the freedom to be themselves are leadership tools that I believe to be extraordinarily powerful.

Armando Felicio Filho T’22

Gender Pronouns: He/his/him
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Armando Felicio Filho

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride is the encouragement to bring my whole self to everything I do and act authentically without neglecting my LGBTQ+ identity. It also reminds me of the impact the community has had on my journey. When I truly embodied Pride in my identity and values, I unlocked connections that supported and inspired me to thrive and grow.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am proud of the journey that brought me to Tuck. My struggles and successes played a major role in shaping my values and continue to be the guides that inform my most important decisions. The part of my journey that makes me most proud is the urge to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone in the pursuit of a lifelong learning experience.

In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

Successful leadership means embracing diversity as a guiding principle to build better spaces. Even though this comes with its own challenges, the leaders who inspire me the most transform differences into opportunities; they are committed to inspiring through actions and leading by example.

How would you describe your life philosophy? What do you believe are the components of a “good” life? How do you define “success”?

The building block of my life philosophy is building self-awareness. The enormous amount of information we take in every day means we must, as individuals, maintain a clear set of values and a disciplined approach to decision-making. I have found that crafting my own definition of success is how I stay true to my beliefs and goals in an age of comparison.

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