Mar 31, 2016

Military Visit Day (Sneak Peek): Tips for Applicants

By David Donahue T'17

On Tuesday, I shared my personal path to the Marines and then to Tuck. Today, looking back at the application process, there are a few tips I would give to business school applicants with military backgrounds (a small dose of the kind of things you'll learn at Military Visit Day, April 18!).


Tip # 1: Start learning to talk about yourself.

The school absolutely cares about your leadership skills and your potential added-value to the school but they care about the personal impact that you had. How specifically did you train 100 Marines to get ready for a deployment? What sets you apart from other applicants? It’s okay to replace the “we” with an “I” here or there in an effort to really explain your impact. 

Tip # 2: Determine the learning environment in which you would be the most successful.

Do you excel in large or small classes? Do you like the lecture or case method? Do you like working in groups or individually? Do you want to pick all of your own classes or do you want to be part of a more general curriculum? Understanding the environment in which you would be most successful is crucial to narrowing down the schools that appeal the most to you. 

Tip # 3: What’s your story?

Why did you join the military? Why do you want to go to business school? What do you want to do after business school? Schools put a lot of emphasis on these parts, both with the essays and with the interviews. Spend the time thinking about these questions and make sure you can explicitly answer each of them (and be convincing).

Many of the top business schools offer military applicants the opportunity to visit and learn more about their programs through special programs. Tuck is hosting a special day for military applicants, Monday, April 18. Tuck’s Admissions Office and the Tuck Veterans Club teamed up to plan a day full of events that will help set you up for success in the MBA application process. There will be a chance to sit in on a class and panels hosted by members of the Admissions Committee, current Military students, the Career Development Office, and the Financial Aid Office.

If you are planning to apply to the Tuck Class of 2019, you may schedule an admissions interview during Military Visit Day (if you’re ready!). Join the Tuck Veterans Club members on Sunday night for an informal social. Military Visit Day officially kicks off at 7:30am, Monday morning, April 18.

Join us to learn more about Tuck!