Aug 02, 2016

On the Road with Tuck Admissions

Tuck’s campus in Hanover, NH serves as a base camp to the world. Students, faculty, and staff constantly venture out and return to our immersive community to reflect on their experiences and share newfound insights. Well here in the Admissions Office, let the venturing begin!

From now until November, Tuck’s Admissions Team will be coming and going, rarely leaving the office with the same combination of people twice. We’ll be in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and all across the United States. We’ll host big Tuck Receptions, small Tuck Coffees, and join other schools at Forté Forums, Consortium MAPS events, and various other fairs. We’ll reconnect with Tuck alumni around the world and start getting to know a whole lot of new people too. We’ll talk about Tuck and the application process until we can talk no more! We’ll come back to Hanover with full inboxes and fewer business cards; tired eyes, but smiling faces! We’ll fill out official trip reports, share our favorite moments over coffee, and start getting really excited about the potential of the next class (T’19s!).

Check out our website to see when we’ll be near you, or create a Tuck profile including your current location and we’ll email you an invitation directly (better yet, do both!). Registering for an event in your neck of the woods is a great way to introduce yourself and start getting to know us.

See you soon!