Sep 07, 2016

Profits & Purpose: My Internship with Inspiring Capital

By Anjali Patel T’17

While the prestige and security of more traditional MBA pursuits had their appeal, I was committed to finding an internship at an organization that was making sustainable impact. In particular, I was looking for an opportunity to explore the social sector broadly while working in the service of others. That's when I found Inspiring Capital.

Inspiring Capital is a unique consulting firm integrating profits and purpose by aligning talented business professionals and high-potential, purpose-driven organizations in the social sector. Each summer, they recruit high-performing MBAs and match them with consulting projects at social impact organizations.

I was fortunate enough to be matched with Viable, an early-stage social venture that aims to foster a community to generate, build, and test ideas and create a pipeline of pre-seed capital to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. As employee #2 at Viable, the work - from understanding stakeholders to building out the business model - is endless, undefined, and challenging. I know that everything that I do this summer sets the stage for the future of this organization.

On top of an amazing client experience, Inspiring Capital provides both professional and personal development opportunities. Every week, all of the Inspiring Capital fellows gather to hear from individuals and organizations that work across the social sector. We heard from social entrepreneurs like Chid Liberty from Liberty & Justice; nonprofit leaders like Jason Duchin from DreamYard; impact investors; and professionals like Michael Slaby from Timshel, to name just a few.

Each day with Inspiring Capital has presented me with new trials and uncertainty, but also inspiration and fun. I can't imagine a more rewarding summer internship experience and take stock in a quote from Richard Branson that was shared with us during our first week: "Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause and contributes to a good life."

Thanks to Tuck GIVES and the Tuck community for its generous support of students (like me) who pursue less traditional internships in the social sector. Without them, my summer would have been a lot less impactful and interesting.

MAIN PHOTO ABOVE: The IC MBA fellows, celebrating the Fourth of July. Getting to know my cohort was a highlight of the summer!; PHOTO AT RIGHT: Champions of the 1st annual Guac-off! Inspiring Capital really knows how to integrate work and play. PHOTO AT LEFT: Steve Li, guest speaker from the Robin Hood Foundation. He was one of the many amazing, inspirational people that came to chat with us about their work.