Nov 15, 2016

Student Panel: Careers at Tuck

Tuck’s Career Development Office (CDO) assists students in achieving consistent career success—helping Tuck maintain its position at the top of national MBA employment rankings. 

Elizabeth Napier T’91, Associate Director of the Career Development Office, and current second-year students Brian Cook, Clair Briggs, Nick Ritter, and Tanvir Kaur share their insight on the internship and post-MBA career search, the student recruitment experience and Tuck's top hiring companies, in this webinar

Some topics to look forward to!

  • Surprises regarding the student experience with the CDO (or what differed from their expectations)
  • What services are offered by the CDO?
  • How does the CDO get alumni, companies, executives, etc. involved at Tuck?
  • What are student interactions with alumni like?
  • Recruiting and time management
  • International students—company sponsorships and more
  • What are employers looking for?
  • Academic preparation—coursework and professors
  • Career clubs, conferences, and treks
  • Career advantages based on Tuck’s location in Hanover, NH

If you’re curious, excited, or concerned about any of these career related areas, please take the time to watch the webinar