Dec 08, 2016

Student Panel: The Impact & Influence of Women at Tuck

This fall, Pat Harrison, Interim Co-Director of Admissions, hosted a panel conversation with current students, entitled “Impact and Influence: How Women Make a Difference at Tuck.” This webinar explores the many ways women make a difference and find their place at Tuck.

Hear their discussions about being supported and empowered both academically and from a career standpoint, how Tuck has helped them have an impact in ways that are important to them, and learn about some of the unique pathways students take. They also chat about specific organizations and initiatives that enrich the MBA experience for our female students.

The webinar specifically touches on:

  • Tuck’s uniquely supportive and collaborative community and the impact it has on academics (TAs, tutors, faculty support, core curriculum), career (Career Development Office, alumni network, career-focused clubs), and the social experience.
  • Tuck’s size and location and how it fosters the community.
  • How engaged students are, and how they’re able to take on multiple leadership roles making a real impact on the school/broader Tuck community.
  • Specific information about the Dean’s Fellows program, the Women in Business Club (WIB), the Women in Business Conference (WIBC), the Initiative for Women, center fellows, the student board, planning Admitted Students Weekend, and being a Tuck Admissions Associate (second-year interviewer).
  • Access students have to faculty, administration, recruiters, and alumni.

Watch until the end for an interactive Q&A session—see what other prospective Tuckies have on their mind.