Apr 25, 2012

T’14s Share their Experience on ASW/Tuck

By Justin R T'13

Admitted Students Weekend (ASW) 2012 has come and gone, and it was an amazing weekend. I've been so incredibly busy the past few months planning the social events for ASW with Tory O'Kane (T13) and several other first year student chairs. At times, the workload was downright absurd. Planning 3 social events for 500 people on top of the Winter and Spring Term coursework was very challenging at times. In the end, was it worth it? Absolutely.

ASW is a very special time at Tuck, and I truly believe the weekend here is a unique experience that can't be found anywhere else. The planning and care that students put into this weekend every year really shows our passion for Tuck and desire to carry its great tradition forward. I remember, when I was getting ready for ASW 2011, not knowing what to expect or what the weekend was going to be about. The warm welcome I received and connections I made during that weekend made it immediately clear to me that Tuck was where I was supposed to be. That sentiment is what we work so hard to achieve in every single admitted student during ASW, and making that happen is extremely rewarding for every Tuckie involved. It's no coincidence that Tuck has the most dedicated Alumni network in the world.

In an effort to better communicate what ASW means to admitted students and share their experiences and perspectives on the weekend, we've created a "Guest Blog" account. Over the next couple of days, we will be posting blogs submitted by T'14s that want to share their experience as an admitted student/committed student/ASW attendee. If any of you are wondering what exactly makes ASW so special, who better to hear it from than the people it was planned for?! Keep an eye out for these posts, and enjoy.


P.S. - The ASW "intro" video created by 1st years is a tradition we take great pride in here. This year's directors, Adrien Germain-Thomas and JJ Gantt, did a great job!