Feb 04, 2014

Tuck: A Unique and Integrated Health Care Path

Nashley Peter Mascarenhas was born in India and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics from Purdue University.  Upon graduation, Nashley joined Motorola Mobility as a quality engineer and worked on phones such as Razr and Droid. Nashley is currently pursuing an MBA at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He is on the board of the Good Neighbor Health Clinic. He is one of the co-chairs of the Health Care Club and a Visiting Executive fellow.

My fellow classmates and I have spent considerable amounts of time discussing the amazing experiences and opportunities at Tuck.  Among them are a multitude of opportunities to explore and recruit for a career in healthcare.  As a second-year student who’s focused on healthcare, I firmly believe that because of our distinctive community, Tuck provides the best chance to flourish in this field.


1) Your experiences will be unique: At Tuck, the small, close-knit community makes the healthcare connection unique. You are more likely to stand out to employers and will make a bigger impact in interviews because you’ve received dedicated attention from Tuckies working at these companies throughout the recruiting process.

2) Access to Executives: At Tuck, there are numerous opportunities to have one-on-one access to healthcare leaders. Whether it is David Southwell, Peter Dolan, or Sherri Oberg, executives from industry, VC and healthcare services come back and speak to students. You can literally be in a room and have a direct discussion with a CEO!

3) Curriculum:  Tuck professors have real world experience in a variety of healthcare organizations and sectors. They are incredibly connected and most importantly, willing to spend one-on-one time to craft your career path. You can choose from a variety of electives that cover the breadth of healthcare, including products, services, IT and investing. Students have loved learning from non-profit hospital CEOs, venture capitalists and private equity folks working in healthcare.

4) Supply-demand: At Tuck, we have a plethora of healthcare recruiters that come to campus, looking for candidates like you. Whether your interest is in biotech, pharma or medical devices, healthcare-focused consulting, or healthcare investment banking, there are tons of opportunities to explore.

5) Entrepreneurship:  There is incredible support for entrepreneurship at Tuck. Access to a leading medical school at Geisel, thought leaders in healthcare delivery at the Dartmouth Institute, or the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth offer Tuckies the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. 

6) Healthcare Initiative: There is a laser focus on healthcare at Tuck with efforts to bring in leading speakers from all facets of the field, mentoring of students interested in healthcare, and building bridges to healthcare resources and interest across Dartmouth. The Healthcare Initiative supports both the MD-MBA and MBA-MPH joint degree programs.

I could go on and on. If you are interested in a top-business school and want to pursue a career in healthcare, you need to consider Tuck!