Jul 28, 2017

What Summer Looks Like for a Tuck Partner

“What are you going to do in the summer?”

It’s a question that starts circulating among Tuck’s first-year partners by winter when student planning for summer internships is in full swing. Some partners travel with their students and experience living in a new city for the summer months, some stay in the Upper Valley to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a region ripe for outdoor activities. Others arrange a combination of travel, remote work, and quality time back in Hanover, using Tuck as a basecamp. Whatever the approach, the consensus among TPs is that summer is to be embraced.

“It’s a little glimpse of what our life after the MBA might look like."

— Paulina Gutierrez-Zamora Torreblanca

TP18 with Tuck pup

Paulina Gutierrez-Zamora Torreblanca TP'18 in D.C. with her dog Simon.

Even though I was very excited to experience and discover a new place during the summer, I was nervous to leave behind our life in the Upper Valley.

Would I be able to make new friends? What am I going to do by myself all day? Am I going to like Washington, D.C., as much as Hanover? These were just some of the questions that I kept asking myself before the move. Soon enough, my worries dissipated and I realized how lucky we were to have this summer internship experience.

Throughout our time in DC, we have had the opportunity to not only explore a new city, but also to get a little glimpse of what our life after the MBA might look like. For international TPs, the summer internship forces you to open yourself to different things, and appreciate the day-to-day differences between your home country and the U.S.

My experience during my student’s internship has been amazing! I enrolled myself in different activities like painting classes, sewing courses and boxing. I have been visiting the different museums in D.C. and walking around town with my dog Simon, which has helped me to get to know other people and fill my day with fun projects and new adventures.

My husband Erik and I couldn't be happier with our summer internship experience. We know that later we are going to look back and have some of the best memories out of this time.

“My advice to TPs with Tiny Tuckies: stay busy by enjoying the Upper Valley!”

—Angela Hotvet

TP18 with her tiny Tuckies during a summer in Hanover
Angela Hotvet TP'18 with her tiny Tuckies out to lunch in Hanover.

Before my husband, Josh, left for his summer internship, we went on a family camping trip off the Maine coast for about a week. Our kids and I have been having fun here in Hanover and in the twin states since his departure. My advice to TPs with Tiny Tuckies is to stay busy in the summer by enjoying the Upper Valley!

We do tennis camp, science/nature camps, and swim lessons, as well as visits to museums like the Montshire, VINS, New England Aquarium, Boston Children's Museum, and the ECHO Center in Burlington, VT. The Howe Library in Hanover has discounted tickets to these places. We take advantage of Storrs Pond, Mink Brook, local playgrounds and easy local hiking trails. There are preschool farm programs and pick-your-own berry patches like Cedar Circle Farms that we have also enjoyed this summer. Plus it is helpful to have the support of other TPs who are staying local during their students’ summer internships.

“Even though most of the students are gone, a core of Tuck’s strong partner community remains here in the summer.”

—James Cart

T18 and TP18 set sail during summer internship
James Cart TP'18 with Abbe Cart T'18 on a weekend getaway during the first-year summer.

My wife, Abbe, and I approached her summer internship at Hasbro Inc. in Providence, RI, with a clear plan and a healthy dose of optimism. This is our first spell of long distance since she studied abroad in Rome during college. We see each other most weekends, either one of us travels to the other or we meet at a wedding (it's that time of year). My job as an assistant registrar for Dartmouth College allows me to enjoy the broad variety of outdoor pursuits available in the Upper Valley like grilling, sailing, and hiking. Even though almost all of the students are gone, a core of our strong partner community remains; we have a weekly dinner and many impromptu gatherings/activities.

“My team graciously allowed me to work out of another office for the summer. We are loving it!”

—Colleen Williams

T'18s and their partners in San Francisco for summer internships
Housemates from left to right: Chermain Rao TP'18, Matt Williams T'18, Colleen Williams TP'18, and Chethan Rao T'18 with their dogs, Xena and Kenan, during summer interships in San Francisco.

My husband, Matt, and I are in San Francisco for the summer and are loving it! Matt is working as an intern for Adobe on their corporate development team. I am fortunate enough to work for Dartmouth Advancement, which happens to have an office in San Francisco. Upon learning that Matt would be in San Francisco, I spoke with my team and they graciously allowed me to work out of the San Francisco office for the summer. We are sharing a rental in the heart of the city with another Tuckie and his wife, who are also out here for the summer. While the four of us are having so much fun, our dogs are probably loving it the most.