Nov 10, 2022

Tuck WIB: Meet Veteran Allie Hundley T’24

By Tuck Women in Business

In honor of Veterans Day, Tuck Women in Business highlights Tuck women who have served or continue to serve in the military. Below, get to know Allie Hundley T’24 who served seven years as a Navy officer.

The mission of Tuck’s Women in Business Club is to foster a community that enables women to achieve personal and professional success. To this end, WIB provides mentoring, networking, and career development throughout the Tuck experience. We also host an annual conference for prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and staff. 

Allie Hundley T’24

Pre-Tuck Role: Surface Warfare Officer, U.S. Navy
Post-Tuck Target Industry: Consulting

How has your time in the military shaped you as a leader?

During my seven years as a Navy officer, I was fortunate enough to work with amazing people to conduct complex missions on both sea and shore. A week after graduating Officer Candidate School, I was on a plane to meet my ship in Okinawa, Japan, and went underway for three weeks to the South China Sea. In the first 18 months I learned how to drive the ship, but my primary job was to lead a small division of incredibly intelligent Sailors to deploy, maintain, and operate the Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles held in our Vertical Launching System. Coming from a teaching background meant missile systems was a steep learning curve, but I relied heavily on my team, and as a cohesive unit, we ensured mission readiness through efficient and effective practices. In turn, I made it my own personal mission to be an advocate for my Sailors in whatever capacity I could provide. 

For my second assignment, I led ship-wide certification processes and mission area program management, which meant high stakes, multi-level collaboration, organization, and briefings. While often I would be the only female in the room, my role in the mission and the service to my team took precedence. After sea duty, my greatest challenge and most fulfilling assignment was as a Class Officer at Officer Training Command, Newport. Over a period of two years, with a team of senior enlisted personnel and peers, I was directly responsible to over 3600 candidates for military indoctrination and setting an example of a Navy officer. The hours were long, policies constantly changed through COVID, and my uniform and demeanor had to always exceed standards, but the intense requirements and high expectations taught me invaluable lessons concerning effective leadership. All my Navy experiences delivered constant opportunities to learn, adapt, and grow, for all of which I’m incredibly thankful as I now get to expand my opportunities at Tuck.