Dec 02, 2016

Veterans, Elite Athletes: Make Your Move into Business

Are you a veteran or an elite athlete looking to transition into the business world?

Tuck recently launched a program specifically designed for you. Next Step: Transition to Business is a two and a half week learning experience that aims to help veterans and elite athletes focus strengths, translate experiences, and identify opportunities so they can land the top jobs they deserve.

We’ve found that veterans and elite athletes surprisingly have a lot in common—both are transitioning from careers they have selflessly dedicated their life to. Veterans and athletes have long thrived in our MBA program and in our executive education and minority business offerings, but with Next Step: Transition to Business, Tuck is tailoring a program to the needs of these specific audiences for the first time. 

The program combines the strengths we’re proud of and known for—rigorous business training, experiential learning, individual career coaching, and a collaborative environment—with a special sensitivity to attendees’ needs and life experiences.

Next Step provides you with a tightly integrated on-campus experience at one of the world’s leading business schools. Our program is specifically designed to leverage your own real-world experiences in ways that will accelerate a successful transition into a rewarding and meaningful career in business. Each day, you’ll be challenged by faculty and your peers. You'll be immersed in professional development and business leadership activities, building new competencies with every new experience.

Next Step will run March 1-18, 2017. To apply, visit: http://nextstep.tuck.dartmouth.edu/apply-to-next-step/

Questions? Contact Tuck team members Dia Draper (for veterans) at Dia.Draper@tuck.dartmouth.edu, and Ed Winchester (for athletes) at Edward.V.Winchester@tuck.dartmouth.edu to find out more about the program and how you can enroll.