Sep 18, 2019

Vibrant and Tight-Knit: Get to Know Tuck Pride

By Peter Struckmeyer T'20

Peter Struckmeyer


Greetings from Hanover! My name is Peter Struckmeyer, and I am a second-year student at Tuck, as well as one of the co-chairs for Tuck Pride. We just finished our first week of the school year here, and as part of that, kicked off the year for Tuck Pride!

Earlier in the week, as part of Tuck’s Club Fair, we met with first-year students to give them an overview of what Tuck Pride does throughout the year. A big hit at this year’s club fair were our Ally stickers – Tuck’s ally community is incredibly supportive, and they showed this support by wearing their pride flags while tabling for their respective organizations.

As Tuck’s club for LGBTQ+-identified students and partners, we host several events on campus throughout the year, including (but not limited to):

Tuck Pride Ally Sticker

  • AMA: Every year, we host a panel that features several LGBTQ+-identified students speaking to the diverse experiences they’ve had related to their sexual orientation. The event gives Tuck’s ally community a chance to learn from the experiences that have shaped who we are – from personal experience, many of my classmates came up to me the next day to share their appreciation and tell me how much they learned!
  • Diva Night: Quite possibly Tuck Pride’s signature event – once a year, we host a drag show in Tuck’s own Raether Hall, and the contestants are all Tuckies! It’s one of the most anticipated events every year, with Tuck Pride members and allies alike entering into the contest.
  • Hidden Identities: One of the great aspects of Tuck is how much our clubs collaborate for events. Together with Tuck Veterans, ACTS, and Tuck Jewish Club, we hosted a series of mini-Tuck Talks (another popular school tradition!), highlighting several personal anecdotes from speakers across the school to better understand the experiences that have shaped who they are today.
  • Tuck ’Tails: Tuck Tails is a beloved Tuck tradition where our whole community comes together each week to celebrate the end of classes. Each Tuck Tails is hosted by a different club, and ours is just weeks away!

And of course, we have smaller scale events for our tight-knit group of students and partners who identify as part the LGBTQ+ community! This is our most common type of events: whether it be brunch, dinner, movie night, or more. In fact, we had our first Tuck Pride brunch this past weekend to kick-off the year, featuring delicious food from Lou’s (a Hanover staple which is run by a Tuck alum!).

Tuck Pride is a vibrant, tight-knit community. Above all, it’s a family, one which has been instrumental in my Tuck experience. I hope you’ll join the family!

Want to learn more about Tuck Pride? Come to Hanover and meet us at the following on-campus events:

  • Women in Business Conference: October 25-27, 2019, apply
  • Diversity Conference: November 1-3, 2019, apply

Additionally, we’ll be in Atlanta at this year’s Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Conference, a recruiting event that is specifically for companies to meet with LGBTQ+-identified MBA students. This is another highlight of the year for Tuck Pride, and one that has proven to be an invaluable recruiting experience year over year.

That’s all for now! Hope to see you on campus soon as part of the Tuck Pride family.