Sep 01, 2015

Welcoming the Tuck Class of 2017: A Letter from Dean Slaughter

Dear Members of the Tuck Community,

Today is a thrilling day, as it is my honor and pleasure to introduce our newest class of Tuck MBA students. 

Under today’s warm sunshine and blue skies, 286 dynamic, capable, and inspirational T'17s began their Tuck journey together, meeting with their study groups and having the first of many small-group dinners with members of the community.  

The 2017 class is incredibly diverse, accomplished, and poised to achieve great things both throughout their two years here and in the many years beyond.

For the first time in Tuck's history, over 40 percent of the class—42 percent, to be exact—are women. 20 percent of the class come from minority groups. 32 percent of the class are citizens of countries outside the United States, representing 23 countries around the globe, and 22 of our students from the United States are dual citizens of another country. 58 percent of the class studied abroad, 50 percent have worked abroad, and over 88 percent speak a foreign language in some capacity. With such rich global experience even before beginning their time at Tuck, it is clear that the T’17 class will eagerly embrace the new Tuck GO program, designed to ensure that all Tuck students graduate with a global mindset.

Academically and intellectually, the class is strong and prepared to be challenged beyond their limits. Their average GMAT is 717, average GPA is 3.5, and they have worked an average of five years before returning to Tuck. Their average age is 28, with members of the class ranging from 25 to 34.

For all they have done over the past year to bring together such a rich and dynamic class, my appreciation and sincere thanks go to Director of Admissions Dawna Clarke and her terrific admissions team: Pat Harrison, Amy Mitson, Nancy Granada, Kristin Roth, Stephanie Butler, Sudershan Tirumala T'10, Kristine Laca, Belinda Kwiatkowski, Sarah Hein, Angela DeMartin, Heather Schwamb—and to our Director of Financial Aid Diane Bonin and her team Sandy Belisle and Kristy Snow. For assisting in these students’ transition to Tuck and for crafting a dynamic orientation week, let me also thank Assistant Dean for the MBA Program Sally Jaeger and her entire MBAPO team of Betsy Winslow, Dia Draper, Stacie Marshall, Lauren Morse, Amanda Boughman, and Barb Crawford.

Please join me in welcoming all 286 new MBA students to Tuck, and in supporting them throughout their journey with us.

Matthew J. Slaughter

The Paul Danos Dean

The Tuck School of Business

Dartmouth College