Jan 04, 2018

Why Travel? A Tuck MBA Weighs In

By Tanvi Nayar T’18

If you are budgeting for school right now, then this post is for you.

For starters, please add a new line item for traveling in that excel model you have created. I cannot, cannot, CANNOT stress enough the importance of traveling and exploring different cultures. It has been the highlight of my past year at Tuck. I have traveled to nine countries. They were, however, a frugal student’s trips, consisting of cheap flight deals, Airbnbs/hostels, tastiest and cheapest foods, and lots of walking (which counterbalanced the effects of all the food I ate). BUT the experiences gave me the awesome company of my classmates and friends, and a culturally immersive experience.

So, why do I travel? Meeting people from different cultures has increased my connection with myself, and created a new sense of empathy for strangers. It has made me more grounded and thankful for everything that I have in my life. It has put me in situations which honestly which were uncomfortable at times, but helped me grow immensely as a person and as a future business leader.

If you haven’t yet bought the idea, then here are a few highlights of all my travels, because, after all, what is a post without bullet points?

  • Peru, for Tuck’s pre-term program:
    Visiting Willoq community and cooking with the locals outside in -10 degrees F with no heaters. True story!
  • Cuba, with 60 other classmates:
    Visiting a bar in Trinidad which was inside a cave. Rumor has it that it was a serial killer’s hiding place before it turned into a bar. (Yes, very creepy.)
  • China, for Tuck’s GIX:
    Visiting the family of a middle-schooler to learn about their culture, and realizing that at the core of our aspirations and desires, we human beings are all so similar!
  • Solo back-packing through Germany, Czech, Austria, and Netherlands:
    Besides the fact that I was solo-traveling for the first time, the best part about my trip was joining a group of girls picnicking on a lazy evening in Vienna. I was sitting alone, reading a book, when I looked at them and smiled. One of them invited me over. My usual reaction would have been to shyly say no, but something inside me (FOMO) made me say yes! A quiet evening turned into the best conversations over wine and cheese! 
  • Uruguay and Spain: I recently traveled to Uruguay for Tuck’s OnSite Global Consulting program this month. And I am also traveling to Spain for an exchange program at another business school for the winter term.

This is the perfect time to travel. Use your classmates who come from all over the world as resources to learn about their countries. Get inside scoops from them on the best offbeat things to do! Because, if not now, then, when?

Tanvi Nayar T’18Tanvi Nayar T’18 is a Tuck Student Ambassador co-captain for India. Please reach out to her or any other student ambassadors using this website. They love to connect with future Tuckies, especially when they're from "home!”