Aug 31, 2020

Why You Should Join Us for the Tuck Women in Business Conference

By Kelsey McInerney T’21

Luke Anthony Peña


After a seven-year career in marketing, I made the difficult decision to leave my job and pursue my MBA. While studying for the GMAT, deciding which schools to apply to, and writing my applications, I realized that I needed to take a step back and truly think about which school was the right fit for me. Thankfully, a friend recommended the Tuck Women in Business Conference as a way to experience Tuck’s culture, which I had heard so much about, first-hand. I applied to the conference hoping that it would paint a clearer picture of life as a Tuckie, and the weekend did just that and more. The conference provided a sneak peek into Tuck academics and student life, while also showcasing the strong Tuck alumni network.

The best part about the weekend was meeting other prospective students at the conference who were going through the same process that I was experiencing. We shared our career backgrounds, talked about our future goals and of course vented about our shared experience with the GMAT. I not only broadened my network during the weekend, but I also developed close friendships and expanded my incredible Tuck support system.

The conference also provided the opportunity to connect with Tuck alumni in a more intimate setting. Through career panels and the keynote, I was able to meet Tuck alumni and learn about each of their unique Tuck experiences. One event that highlighted the strength of Tuck’s alumni network was the keynote speech by Nykia Wright, CEO of the Chicago Sun-Times. Nykia strongly emphasized how the Tuck community helped foster her professional career years after graduating, highlighting how Tuck’s close-knit community truly cultivates long-lasting relationships long after your two years in Hanover.

Finally, the conference provided a glimpse into Tuck academics. The professors and the classroom environment at Tuck are unparalleled, and the mock class ended up being the highlight of my weekend. Any nerves that I had about transitioning back to the classroom were immediately alleviated when I experienced Tuck’s interactive, collaborative, and stimulating teaching style. I experienced the shift from in person to online at the end of my first year and was incredibly impressed at how seamless the transition was. I credit the brilliant Tuck professors who are committed to delivering engaging lectures, promoting discussion and cultivating the same in-person learning experience in a virtual environment for students.

The WIB conference provided an incredible opportunity to learn more about Tuck's close-knit community and connect with the collaborative faculty, professors, and students. Tuck truly has a unique energy and spirit, and I hope that you will be able to join us in October to experience this one-of-a kind community first-hand!

The Tuck Women in Business Conference will be held virtually October 23-24. Applications are being accepted now through September 18th; after this date, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as space is available.