Cultural Affinity

Asia Business Club
Asia Business Club works to strengthen the ties between Tuck and the Asian community.
Leadership - Jeewoo Park; Sugi Muliadi; Junyang Ke; Nan Su; Isabelle Feng; Apurva Manvar

Association of Christian Tuck Students (ACTS)
The Association of Christian Tuck Students (ACTS) is a student-led club at the Tuck School of Business that seeks to connect Tuckies to Christ, to one another, and to the Upper Valley.
Leadership - Paul Chun

Black Students at Tuck (BSAT)
We are committed to enriching the value of the greater Tuck community by increasing the diversity of people, ideas, and activities.
Leadership - Earl Graves; Reuben Hampton; Sonovia Wint; Dunsin Alabi

Hispanic American Student Association (HASA)
Our mission is aimed at enriching the professional, academic, social, and cultural pursuits of its members. Although HASA's activities are focused towards Tuck's Hispanic student community, all students are encouraged to participate.
Leadership - Liz Briggs, Daniel Gutierrez-Jimenez, Corine Graber Alvarez

International Club
The International Club is one of the largest clubs at Tuck with a global representation of students from more than 30 countries. The mission of the International Club is to celebrates Tuck’s array of international cultures, to raise awareness of international issues at Tuck, and to expand the global nature of the Tuck extra-curricular experience.
Leadership - Kristin Jiang; Sneha Nagarajan; Joao Vitor Regis Sampaio; Marianne Poh

Jewish Club
Leadership - Benjamin Mcintosh; Ilexa Gales

Latin American & Iberian Business Club
LAIBC mission is to promote and facilitate business and culture interaction between the Latin American & Iberian community and Tuck.
Leadership - Camila Castello Latizio; Nico Sacheri; Daniel VasquezSamuel Torres Mogrovejo

South Asia Business Association (SABA)
The South Asia Business Association (SABA) is a student-run organization that aims to create a cohesive community of Tuck students, professors, and alumni who share an interest in South Asia. SABA organizes some of the the most popular cultural events at Tuck such as Diwali and Holi.
Leadership - Arsalan SuhailTanushree Podder; Aniruddh Vijaivargiya

Southern Appreciation Society
The Tuck Southern Appreciation Society welcomes all students who have an interest and/or background in the Southern U.S.
Leadership - Trey MeyerOwen Hendley

Tuck Africa Club
Our mission is to promote the growing business and social opportunities in the African continent. In so doing, raise awareness of the continent at Tuck and expand the global nature of the Tuck experience. The club is comprised of not just those who are of African descent, but anyone who is interested in the continent.
Leadership - Nathan Yohannes; Selasie Krampa; Linda Horner

Tuck European Society
Our mission is to provide a space for the Tuck community to interact with and learn about European cultures, trends, and business. We are here for all to facilitate the exploration of cultures, careers, and connections between students and alumni by putting on events and promoting Tuck in Europe and Europe at Tuck.
Leadership - Kuba NowickiIrina Titkova

Tuck Pride
Tuck Pride is the LGBTQ resource and support group for the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth community.
Leadership - Peter StruckmeyerHenry WangDaniel Gutierrez-JimenezDave Fayngor