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How Scientists Fool Themselves–and How They Can Stop

Andrew King comments on how the widespread use of point-and-click data-analysis software has made it easy for researchers to sift through massive data sets without fully understanding the methods.

Oct 08, 2015

MBA Careers: Scorching Hot Demand For Data Analytics Talent Across Industries

Stephen Pidgeon comments on marketing managers in the media industry who need to develop the art of analytics stating, “Media is more and more about bringing analytics and creativity together and using the analysis to drive decisions.”

Oct 06, 2015

Is the Theory of Disruption Dead Wrong?

Andrew King argues that a majority of the examples cited in support of the theory do not fit the model. “We’ve shown that the theory is not very explanatory, it’s not very predictive, and it can only be narrowly applied.”

Oct 06, 2015

How Jack Dorsey Can Keep His Chill While Running Two Companies

Quotes Sydney Finkelstein on the recent appointment of Jack Dorsey as the CEO of Twitter while also the full-time chief executive of mobile-payments firm Square. Finkelstein believes the people in Dorsey's professional inner circle will be crucial to him, perhaps more than they've ever been.

Oct 06, 2015

How to Win the Global War for Talent

Quotes a recent report on competitiveness in which Matthew Slaughter wrote, "Since 1990, skilled STEM immigrants have … accounted for at least a third of total U.S. productivity growth."

Oct 06, 2015

Lebanon Startup Cleans Up in Contest

Lebanon-based FreshAir Sensor, cofounded by Jack O’Toole T'14, won $100,000 in funding from AOL founder Steve Case over the weekend at a competition among tech entrepreneurs. Also highlighted in the story is Robert Thelen T'16, co-founder of FliQ.

Oct 05, 2015