Average Salary Rises to New High for Tuck School MBAs

Record number of graduates take positions on the West Coast and in technology industry, according to employment data for the class of 2017.

The average first-year base salary and signing bonus for Tuck’s newest graduates was a record $158,194, according to employment data for the class of 2017 released today. 

The mean annual base salary increased to $127,986 and the mean signing bonus climbed 4 percent to $30,208. The median annual base salary for T’17s held at $125,000, with a median signing bonus of $25,000.

Demand remained strong for Tuck graduates in 2017 with 95 percent receiving job offers within three months after graduation and 92 percent accepting positions within that same timeframe.

“This was another solid year for career placement at Tuck,” says Jonathan Masland, executive director of career development. “Our graduates are prepared to lead in a dynamic world and I think the continued interest that we see from recruiters is a testament to Tuck’s academic rigor as well as the quality of our students.”  

Of particular note in 2017 was the increase in the number of graduates going into technology. A record 20 percent of this year’s graduating class secured jobs in the industry, which also provided a boost to Tuck’s West Coast alumni presence. An all-time high of 23 percent of Tuck’s most recent graduates went westward—8 percent more than the previous year—with most landing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

“We’re excited about the diversity of industries among our 2017 graduates and their locations,” Masland says.

“We did have some pursue more niche opportunities this year that took a little longer to procure,” Masland continues. “But graduates confidently pursuing jobs that they’re passionate about is too a sign of strength.”

The full PDF version of Tuck’s 2017 Employment Report is available here.