Getting ready for the start of Tuck Launch


August 4, 2022

Dear T’24s,

As you settle in and get ready for the start of Tuck Launch in a few days, we’d like to share a few details with you that are primarily focused on COVID-related logistics.

  1. All students must complete a take-home rapid antigen test before attending their first in-person class, event, or gathering of the term.  Positive results are to be reported to Dartmouth College Health Services.  Take-home rapid antigen tests and face masks (including KN95s) are available for all students, faculty, and staff at designated pick-up locations throughout campus.  At Tuck, locations include AMOS, the Conway Foyer, and the table outside of Tuck Hall Room 114.  We strongly encourage all community members to establish a regular, personal testing practice.
  2. If you test positive during Tuck Launch, please notify Vincent Mack by email ( so that we know you’ll be isolating and not attending sessions in person.  Please CC on your email to allow us to track cases centrally. 
  3. As we noted in our community announcement on 7/28, those who test positive for COVID will be able to access session recordings when available.  Links to available recordings will be sent to those notifying us of a positive COVID test.
  4. Those who test positive and reside on campus will be able to have food delivered to their dorm room to facilitate isolation.  Meals can be ordered here:  Instructions for ordering are in the attached pdf file. 
  5. While we will not be allowing live remote attendance via Zoom during Tuck Launch you should expect Zoom to be used for many other purposes.  We strongly encourage you to review our repository of information on Zoom use and Zoom norms at Tuck.  This information is accessible in WikiTuck here.

 We look forward to seeing you on Monday morning at 8:30am in Cook Auditorium for the start of Tuck Launch.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  

Joe & Sally

Joe Hall, Sr. Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Sally Jaeger, Associate Dean, MBA Program

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Resources