Tuck COVID-19 Information and Campus Updates

LaCorte Gym Update


September 25, 2020

Dear T’21s and T’22s, 

As the leaves turn color and the cooler weather sets in, we will now have the LaCorte Gym open for use, starting Monday, September 28. You must sign-up to use a zone in the gym and masks must be worn in the main gym.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the gym: 

  1. You must sign this waiver to gain access to the gym. After signing, allow 24 hours for the access to be granted to your ID card.
  2. You must sign-up for a time to use the gym. For the first week, there is a sign-up sheet posted outside the gym. Please limit your use to one hour a day. We are working to create a booking system in Virtual EMS (where you reserve study rooms). 
  3. If you have not signed the Dartmouth Community Expectations Agreement, you cannot access campus and therefore cannot use the LaCorte gym. Gym use is limited to Tuck students only.
  4. There are 4 workout zones you can reserve, each with a mix of cardio and weight equipment. Only one person is allowed to exercise in a Zone at one time and you are not allowed to cross-over zones. 
  5. When exercising in Zones 1-3, you must wear a mask.  
  6. Zone 4 is the separate cardio room. Only one person is allowed in this room at a time. You may remove your mask when in this room. 
  7. Remember to wash your hands and sanitize all equipment before and after use. Avoid touching your eyes and face. Take all personal items with you. There are no yoga mats in the gym. 
  8. Locker rooms are open to 1 student at a time. The showers and lockers are closed to use. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the MBA Program Office.

 Now go out there and get your body moving!


Dartmouth has formed a high-level task force to plan for and manage possible disruptions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, monitor federal and state recommendations, implement guidance, and communicate with our community.

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