Plans for TuckGO in the Coming Academic Year


July 22, 2021

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

In April we shared our early thinking about TuckGO offerings for academic year 2021 – 2022. Today we write to provide an update on those plans, particularly for T’22s who will need to satisfy the global experience requirement this academic year. 

The plan remains for there to be GIXs during winter break offered exclusively to T’22s. These GIXs will arrive in country the evening of Tuesday, November 30 and depart Thursday morning, December 9. Currently we are planning to offer three GIXs at that time to the tentative destinations of Chile, Germany, and Israel. Details regarding these three expeditions and the application to participate in them will be available starting Tuesday, August 31. T’22s who apply will learn of December GIX placements the week of September 13.

Please understand that international travel remains challenging to plan.  We are proceeding with arrangements for each of these three GIXs while monitoring health, safety, and security concerns in line with best practices in education abroad and using resources such as International SOS, OSAC, the CDC, and the U.S. Department of State. It remains possible that unforeseen risks could arise leading College officials to disallow travel to certain destinations. The TuckGO team is working on alternate options should one or more of these expeditions need to shift.

During the March spring break our plan is to run about ten GIXs, accommodating all T’22s who did not travel in December as well as a number of T’23s. These expeditions will arrive at their destinations on Wednesday, March 9 and depart on Friday, March 18.  Colleagues in TuckGO continue to monitor public health conditions and vaccination uptake around the world, evaluating destinations with health and wellness foremost in mind. At least one of these GIXs will be a special expedition within the U.S., in the spirit of the 2017 Mississippi GIX. We plan to have the destinations for our March GIXs finalized and announced by mid-October. 

For those T’22s who cannot participate in TuckGO travel because of dual-degree program requirements, personal health concerns, or other factors, there will be an option to fulfill the global experience requirement through on-campus programming this academic year. Requests to fulfill the requirement on-campus will need to be submitted starting on Tuesday, August 31 (instructions will be provided at that time). 

We will continue to provide updates as TuckGO plans develop. If you have any questions, ideas or thoughts you’d like to offer regarding TuckGO plans for this year, please reach out to Lisa Miller

We look forward to exploring the world together again. 

Be well and take care,


Joe Hall, Senior Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning


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