Ron Adner Receives Management Award From London Business School

Ron Adner received the 2015 Ghoshal Award for Rigor and Relevance in the Study of Management.

Ron Adner, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Tuck, is the recipient of the 2015 Ghoshal Award for Rigor and Relevance in the Study of Management.

Since the publication of his award-winning 2012 book, “The Wide Lens,” Tuck strategy and entrepreneurship professor Ron Adner has not relaxed in the glow of success. In the past three years, in fact, he has published five A-level articles in the most prestigious academic journals in his field, including Management Science, Organization Science, and Strategic Management Journal. These articles have pushed the frontiers in our understanding of innovation ecosystems, strategic positioning, and competitive advantage. 

Adner is being honored for this and other work at the London Business School on May 31, where he will receive the 2015 Sumantra Ghoshal Award for Rigor and Relevance in the Study of Management. Ghoshal was a professor of strategy and management at the London Business School, and the author of 12 books and more than 60 journal articles. He died an untimely death in 2004. The award, and the annual Conference on Managerially Relevant Research, where the award is presented, were named in his memory. Adner is also the keynote speaker at this year’s conference. Previous winners of the Ghoshal award include management luminaries such as David Teece and Michael Tushman.

As a testament to the relevance of his research on ecosystems in particular, Adner’s “Wide Lens” approach to strategy is now taught at leading business schools across the globe, and has been adopted by a host of leading companies and organizations ranging from Fortune 100 firms to the U.S. Navy.

Adner, who teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy, and the Research-to-Practice Seminar, “Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems,” is the recipient of numerous research prizes.  He has also been honored for his teaching, with the 2011 Teaching Excellence award from Tuck, and five Outstanding Teacher of Elective Courses awards from INSEAD.