How To Use Tuck’s Alumni Career Services

The Career Development Office has special resources and programming for Tuck alumni, learn more about the services they offer.

Tuck is well known for the personal attention MBA students receive from the career coaches and support staff of the Career Development Office.

That valuable guidance about job hunting and professional development doesn’t end when Tuck students graduate. Tuck’s Alumni Career Services, directed by staff member Dena Peyster TP’16, offers a range of resources to alumni in career transitions and those looking to get better at what they do.

Peyster has been fine-tuning the Alumni Career Services offerings for about a year and a half, and benchmarking its offerings to those at other leading business schools. “We’re trying our best to ensure that the resources we offer are the ones that can best help our alumni in career transitions,” she says.

Here, Peyster, who holds an MBA from George Washington University, explains the three main components of Alumni Career Services.

Career Coaching

If alumni have questions, want to prep for an interview, or want to know the resources available, I encourage them to make an appointment and schedule a phone call with me. I will go through all the different resources available to them, take a look at their resume, and provide other job advice, including debriefing assessments and discussing negotiation strategies.

Events and Programming

In conjunction with the Alumni Relations Office, we organize events for our alumni, and now these events are becoming more career focused. For example, last year in Boston we had four alumni participate in a panel discussion on search firms and speak about their experience at the firm and what a search firm is. We followed that with a Tuck ’Tails where Boston alumni could meet each other or reconnect. We’ve been doing more and more events like that across the country. We also offer webinars throughout the year on professional development, in case alumni can’t make it to an in-person event.

Job-Search Resources

The Tuck Alumni Job Board includes a wide range of high-caliber job opportunities that are vetted before being shared with our alumni. The opportunities appeal to alumni across varying levels of experience and their inclusion on our board is either initiated by the companies that are hiring, or a result of targeted outreach to companies that are likely to be of interest to our alumni. Additionally, our alumni have free premium access to a few different job boards such as Vault and GoinGlobal, as well as discounted memberships to various professional development organizations and assessments. We also have a career-focused section on the myTUCK website, which has information about all our career resources for alumni and how to get in touch with the office.

Another resource Peyster encourages alumni to use is the fearlessness they were taught in the MBA job hunt, when they didn’t hesitate to network with alumni for career purposes. Peyster has noticed that some alumni who have been in the workforce for a number of years feel uncomfortable reaching out blindly to a fellow Tuck graduate. “I would say don’t hold back,” Peyster advises. “The worst-case scenario is someone doesn’t respond, but most of the time Tuck alumni are happy to have a thirty-minute conversation with you about your career path. In fact, I’ve seen that alumni seeking help are often surprised when they hear back so quickly from other alumni that are happy to help them. They forgot how responsive and likely to help Tuck alumni really are.”


To learn more about Alumni Career Services, visit the Careers section of myTUCK, and: