Tuck Takes on TAG Participation Challenge Through May 31

Spring Blooms, a TAG Challenge Looms.

Spring Blooms, a TAG Challenge Looms.

This spring brings a compelling reason to renew your commitment to Tuck: the TAG Participation Challenge.

A generous alumnus has offered $50,000 to TAG if 2,000 donors contribute by May 31. The person behind the challenge knows Tuck is a special place that creates the most loyal, engaged alumni in the world, and is leading the charge to continue that spirit of generosity and connectedness.

“I am constantly impressed by the kindness and camaraderie of the Tuck community,” said Dean Paul Danos. “And what better way to inspire alumni and friends than a call to action that relies on the strength of our network. Tuck alumni love a good challenge, so I’m confident they will respond with their unparalleled enthusiasm.”

Dean Danos never wagers against Tuck alumni in this arena, since more than 70 percent of them give to TAG every year. No other school—business or otherwise—even comes close to that level of giving. It’s something that arouses both pride and a bit of healthy competition, all for the benefit of an institution that turns out eminently capable and distinguished leaders in business and society.

Rise to the May Challenge. Invest in Tuck and make a gift today. www.givetotuck.org.