Tuck’s 2019 MBA Employment Results Best Prior Records

98 percent of Tuck graduates received job offers within three months after graduation as MBA compensation soars to a record high.

According to employment data released today for the class of 2019, 98 percent of Tuck’s most recent MBA graduates received a job offer within three months after graduation, nearing the school’s all-time record of 99 percent offers for the same timeframe. Among 2019 graduates with non-permanent U.S. work authorization, 97 percent received offers of employment.

While the job offers were plentiful for the class of 2019, the employment and compensation packages extended to graduates also set impressive new records. 

Median total compensation for graduates soared to $170,000, increasing from $155,000 just a year prior. The median first-year base salary is $140,000 and the median signing bonus is $30,000. The mean first-year base salary and signing bonus for Tuck’s newest graduates totals to $169,947.

“Our 2019 employment data certainly illustrates great success for Tuck graduates. The world’s leading MBA employers recognize our students for their ability to work in teams and exercise decisive leadership,” says Stephen Pidgeon T’07, executive director of career services. “It’s a natural fit for our graduates to be hired into exciting and rewarding positions where a key part of their success will come from working across a business to bring people together.”

The top industries for Tuck’s 2019 graduates are consulting (38 percent), finance (24 percent), and technology (19 percent). With technology remaining an area of great interest among current and prospective students, the school recently added a full-time career adviser based in the Bay Area to its career services team. The addition of Laura Mogilner T’08 brings the number of career advisers at Tuck to eight.

“We have consciously invested in our advising team to enable us to work very closely with all students and support them in pursuing their professional aspirations,” reflects Pidgeon. “We get to know everyone, and are able to bring a very personalized level of advice and coaching. Add to that Tuck’s legendarily supportive alumni network and incredible generosity of classmates and faculty. When all of this is combined, it creates a very powerful support structure for students as they each go through their own transformative journey.”

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