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The Retail Dance

By Tuck Communications

Jan 04, 2018

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Tuck professor Santiago Gallino studies retail operations management and challenges in the retail industry.

There’s no doubt that the way consumers shop has completely transformed in the past 10 years. Studying that evolution and the challenges that come with it is Tuck Associate Professor of Business Administration Santiago Gallino.

Gallino’s research focus is twofold. He studies traditional retail challenges such as store execution, inventory, and staffing levels. But he also examines the interactions between online retail channels and brick and mortar stores, and specifically, how companies are integrating the two and making changes to their strategy. 

Retail Operations with Tuck's Santiago Gallino

“Instead of opening regular stores, some companies began opening showrooms. You can see, touch, and try on the products they offer online,” says Gallino. “I think this idea will potentially translate to traditional brick and mortar retailers who, in order to be more efficient and reduce cost, can offer showrooms.”