Kenoma Anighoro T'15

“Tuck transformed me from a narrowly-focused medical student into a confident pre-professional with a worldly business perspective.”

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I was already at Dartmouth in medical school, but I thought that there was something missing from my education that I could get from business school. I wanted to understand greater commerce, how things fit into everything else, and develop the soft skills of business leaders. When I came to Tuck, I saw how rich the social life was here and how vibrant, diverse, and energetic the culture was. I knew I could gain a lot from Tuck and thrive here, too.


After my first-term experience with my study group, I truly understood the benefit of Tuck’s high-intensity team setting. We spent hours working on projects, case analyses, and coursework every day. It was so collaborative and immersive. I learned so much engaging with my classmates, who brought a lot of different experiences and problem-solving approaches to their work.


Tuck doesn’t tell you how to go through the system here—they have all these resources available and how you decide to use them is up to you. You have a lot of different electives, access to visiting executives and faculty members, and organizations like the Center for Leadership and Center for Digital Strategies. You can get as involved as you want. The faculty encourages you to think for yourself, too, and really appreciate your opinions, engagement, and discussions both in and out of class. Last year, Professor Phil Stocken invited us all to his house to have dinner, drinks, and conversation.


The most valuable aspect to Tuck is appreciating the backgrounds of your classmates. A large part of learning here comes from engaging with them, learning from their experiences, sharing your own, and exploring together. At a top business school like Tuck, you know that everyone here has done great things to get here, so find out what they are and what you can learn from them.

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