Working Papers


Dirk Black, “Other Comprehensive Income: A Review and Directions for Future Research”
Dirk Black, “Returns Volatility and Other Comprehensive Income Components”
Dirk Black, “SFAS 123R and the CEO Contracting Use of Relative Performance Evaluation”
Dirk Black with E.L. Black, T.E. Christensen, and K.H. Gee, “CEO Compensation Incentives and Pro Forma Earnings Disclosure”
Dirk Black with E.L. Black and T.E. Christensen, “The Effects of Executive Compensation and Auditor Effort on Pro Forma Reporting Decisions”
Dirk Black with S.S. Dikolli and C. Hofmann, “Peer Group Composition, Peer Performance Aggregation, and Detecting Relative Performance Evaluation”
Dirk Black with J.D. Gallemore, “Bank Executive Overconfidence and Delayed Expected Loss Recognition”
Dirk Black with J.D. Gallemore, "Deposit Insurance and Bank Financial Reporting Transparency"
Leslie Robinson with J. Blouin and L. Krull, "The location, composition, and investment implications of permanently reinvested earnings"
Leslie Robinson with D. Creal, J. Rogers, and S. Zechman, "The multinational advantage"
Leslie Robinson with K. Lewellen, “Internal ownership structures of U.S. multinational firms”
Leslie Robinson with B. Stomberg and E. Towery, “One size does not fit all: How uniform accounting rules affect relevance”
Leslie Robinson with T. Belz, M. Ruf, and C. Steffens, “Tax avoidance as a driver of mergers and acquisitions”
Leslie Robinson with J. Blouin and J. Seidman, “ Conflicting transfer pricing incentives and the role of coordination”
Leslie Robinson with K. Markle, “Tax haven use across international tax regimes”
Leslie Robinson, “Corporate non-income tax avoidance”
Richard Sansing with A. De Waegenaere and J. Wielhouwer, "Development cost capitalization during R&D races"
​Richard Sansing with E. Henry, "Data truncation bias and the mismeasurement of corporate tax avoidance"
​Richard Sansing with A. De Waegenaere and J. Wielhouwer,"Tax loss carryovers in a competitive environment"
​Richard Sansing with L. De Simone, "Intellectual property and income shifting"
​Richard Sansing with A. De Waegenaere, "Formulary apportionment and the taxation of income from intangible assets"
Anup Srivastava with D. Aobdia and L. Enache, "The Changing Landscape of Public Companies and a Prediction on the Evolution of Audit Industry’s Competitive Structure"
Anup Srivastava with S. Tse, “Why are New Cohorts of Listed Firms Riskier than Previous New-List Cohorts?"
Anup Srivastava, “Investments in Non-R&D Intangible Capital”
Anup Srivastava with L. Enache and L.A. Parbonetti, “Are All Independent Directors Created Equal? Do Their Professional Backgrounds Influence Firms’ Financial Disclosures? Evidence from Biotechnology Firms”
Anup Srivastava with H. Hong and J.B. Kim, “Divergence Between Voting and Cash Flow Rights, Information Opacity, and Mispricing of Dual-Class Equity Shares”
Anup Srivastava with D. Aobdia and E. Wang, “The Role of Immigration in Large Public Accounting Firms”
Anup Srivastava with S. Tse, “Gains Conservatism–An Ignored Topic in Accounting Research”
Phillip Stocken with P. Hummel and J. Morgan, "Optimal Firm (Non-)Disclosure"
Phillip Stocken with A. Hutton, “Prior Forecasting Accuracy and Investor Reaction to Management Earnings Forecasts”
Phillip Stocken with R. Sansing, “Corporate Governance in a Competitive Environment”
​Phillip Stocken with V. Laux, “Accounting Standards, Regulatory Enforcement and Innovation”


Andrew Bernard with T. Okubo, "Product Switching and the Business Cycle"
Andrew Bernard with S. Dhingra, "Contracting and the Gains from Trade"
Andrew Bernard with A. Moxnes and Y. Saito, "Production Networks, Geography and Firm Performance"
Andrew Bernard with A. Moxnes and K.H. Ulltveit-Moe, "Two-Sided Heterogeneity and Trade"
Andrew Bernard with E. Blanchard, I. Van Beveren, and H. Vandenbussche, "Carry-Along Trade"
Andrew Bernard with V. Smeets and F. Warzynski, "Rethinking Deindustrialization"
Andrew Bernard with T. Okubo, "Multi-Product Firms and Product Switching in Japan"
Andrew Bernard with R. Massari, J. Reyes, and D. Taglioni, "Exporter Dynamics, Firm Size and Growth, and Partial Year Effects"
Emily Blanchard with G. Willmann, “Trade, Education, and the Shrinking Middle Class"
Emily Blanchard with T. Chesnokova and G. Willmann, “Private Label Exports: Trading Variety for Volume”
Emily Blanchard with A. Bernard, I. Van Beveren, and H. Vandenbussche, “Carry-Along Trade”
Emily Blanchard with G. Willmann, “Unequal Gains, Prolonged Pain: A Model of Protectionist Overshooting”
Emily Blanchard with C. Bown and R. Johnson, “Global Supply Chains and Trade Policy”
Emily Blanchard with W. Olney, "Globalization and Human Capital Investment: How Export Composition Drives Educational Attainment"
Teresa Fort, "Technology and Production Fragmentation: Domestic versus Foreign Sourcing"
Teresa Fort with P. Antras and F. Tintelnot, "The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence From U.S. Firms"
Teresa Fort, "Foreign Direct Investment, Outsourcing, and Firm Productivity Conferment"
Erin Mansur with J. Feyrer and B. Sacerdote, “Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution”
Erin Mansur with S. Holland, N. Muller and A. Yates, “Are There Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? The Importance of Local Factors”
Erin Mansur with M. White, “Market Organization and Efficiency in Electricity Markets”
Erin Mansur with J. Cullen, “Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach using the Shale Revolution”
Matthew Slaughter with G. Hanson and M. Ibarra-Caton, “Expansion Abroad and the Domestic Operations of U.S. Multinational Firms”
Matthew Slaughter with A. Costinot, G. Hanson, and P. Wolfson, “High-End Labor Markets: Talent, Performance, and Earnings on the PGA Tour”
Matthew Slaughter with G. Crespi, C. Criscuolo, and J. Haskel, “Productivity Growth, Knowledge Flows, and Spillovers”
Matthew Slaughter with R. Martin, “Real Relative Prices: Exchange-Rate Regimes Don’t Matter”
​Matthew Slaughter with J. Haskel, “Globalization, Multinationals, and the Elasticity of Labor Demand”


Ing-Haw Cheng, "The Expected Returns to Fear"
Ing-Haw Cheng with W. Xiong, "The Financialization of Commodity Futures Markets"
Ing-Haw Cheng with K. Shue and H. Hong, “Do Managers Do Good with Other People’s Money?”
Ing-Haw Cheng with A. Kirilenko and W. Xiong, “Convective Risk Flows in Commodity Futures Markets”
Ing-Haw Cheng, “Corporate Governance Spillovers”
B. Espen Eckbo wih K. Thorburn, "Gains to Bidder Firms Revisited: Domestic and Foreign Acquisitions in Canada"
B. Espen Eckbo with M. Kisser, "Does Tradeoff Theory Explain High-Frequency Debt Issuers?”
B. Espen Eckbo with T. Makaew and K. Thorburn, “Are Stock-Financed Takeovers Opportunistic?” 
B. Espen Eckbo with X. Su and K. Thorburn, “Penalty-Free prepayments, Credit Rationing, and the Use of Upfront Fees in Bank Loans” 
B. Espen Eckbo with K. Nygaard and K. Thorburn, "Do Board Quotas Reduce Firm Value?"
B. Espen Eckbo with O. Norli and K. Thorburn, “Seller-Initiated Takeovers”
B. Espen Eckbo with J.A. Pandes, “SEO Discounts and the Equity Rights Offer Paradox”
B. Espen Eckbo with E. de Bodt and R. Roll, “Corporate Rivalry and Return Comovement Among Industry Peers”
B. Espen Eckbo with B. Odegaard, “Insider Trades During the Financial Crisis”
Kenneth French with E. Fama, "The Pecking Order, Opportunistic Financing, and the Mean Reversion of Leverage"
Jonathan Lewellen with S. P. Kothari and J. Warner, "The behavior of aggregate corporate investment"
Jonathan Lewellen with R. Resutek, "Why do accruals predict earnings?"
Jonathan Lewellen with R. Resutek, "The predictive power of investment and accruals"
Jonathan Lewellen with K. Lewellen, "Internal equity, taxes, and capital structure"
Jonathan Lewellen, "Temporary movements in stock prices"
Katharina Lewellen with M. Adelino and B. McCartney, “Financial Condition and Product Quality: the Case of Nonprofit Hospitals”
Katharina Lewellen with A. Edmans and V. Fang, "Equity Vesting and Managerial Myopia"
Katharina Lewellen with L. Robinson, "Internal Ownership Structures of Multinational Firms"
Katharina Lewellen with D. Jenter, "Performance-Induced CEO Turnover"
Gordon Phillips with K. Herkenhoff and E. Cohen-Cole, “How Credit Constraints Impact Job Finding Rates, Sorting & Aggregate Output”
Gordon Phillips with J. Bai and D. Carvalho, “The Impact of Bank Credit on Labor Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity”
Gordon Phillips with L. Fresard and G. Hoberg, “Innovation Activities and the Incentives for Vertical Acquisitions and Integration”
Gordon Phillips with G. Sertsios, “Financing Decisions of Private and Publicly Traded Firms: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment”
Gordon Phillips with M. Li and Y. Lu, “CEOs and the Product Market: When are Powerful CEOs Beneficial?”
Gordon Phillips with S.K. Moon, “Outsourcing Supply Contracts, Human Capital, and Firm Capital Structure”
Gordon Phillips with G. Hoberg, “Industry Choice and Product Language”
Gordon Phillips with G. Hoberg, “Text-Based Industry Momentum”
Felipe Severino with M. Adelino and A. Schoar, "Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Class"
Felipe Severino with M. Adelino and A. Schoar, “Credit Supply and House Prices: Evidence from Mortgage Market Segmentation”


Kevin Lane Keller with J. Edell, “Analyzing Media Interactions: The Effects of Coordinated TV-Print Advertising Campaigns”
Kevin Lane Keller with J. Parker, M. Schleicher, and D. Lehmann, “The Dynamic Effects of Brand Extension Sequences”
Kevin Lane Keller with T. Fan and P. Golder, “From Adolescence to Adulthood: Investigating Brand Preference Evolution During a Major Life Transition”
Kevin Lane Keller with K. Desai and W. Hoyer, “Abstract vs. Concrete Challenge Strategies in the Face of Competitive Entry of Extensions from Mega Brands”
Punam Anand Keller, “ENABLE: Efficient, Novel, Active, Behavioral Levers”
Punam Anand Keller with A. Shah, J. Bettman, P. Anand, and P. Ubel, “Can Behavioral Economics Reduce Demand for Unhealthy Products?”
Punam Anand Keller with G. Cole, “A Message Development Tool for Health Communication: An Audience-Centered Design”
Punam Anand Keller with A. Lusardi, “Message Design to Change Behavior”
Punam Anand Keller with P. Lee, C. Gaffney, and A.L. Olson, “It’s the Genes. There is Not Much We Can do About That: Mothers’ Perceptions of Factors that Influence Childhood Overweight”
Punam Anand Keller with A. L. Olson, “Sadness and Preferences for Risky Options: Gender Differences”
Punam Anand Keller, “Using Need for Control to Change Preventative Health Behaviors”
Punam Anand Keller with A. L. Olson, “Negative Emotions and Coping Health Appraisal”
Punam Anand Keller with L.G. Block, “How Source of Arousal Affects Memory for Health Communications”
Praveen Kopalle with D. Lehmann, “The Impact of Competition, Brand Equity, and the Cost of Overstating Quality on Advertised Quality, Quality, and Price of New Products”
Praveen Kopalle with E. Breugelmans, T. Bijmolt, J. Zhang, L. Basso, M. Dorotic, A. Minnema, W. Mijnlieff, and N. Wünderlich, “Advancing Research on Loyalty Programs: A Future Research Agenda”
Praveen Kopalle with D. Lehmann, and J. Farley, "How General are the Customer Satisfaction and Expectation Formation Processes? Comparing the U.S., China, and India"
Praveen Kopalle with F. ter Hofstede, and R. Raghunathan, “Improving Click Through Rates of Ads in Mobile Devices”
Praveen Kopalle with R. Raghunathan, “Productivity or Happiness? Assessing the Impact of Tax Rates Through Computer Mediated Simulation”
Ellie Kyung with M. Thomas, “Remembering Disrupts Knowing: When and Why Price Recall Disrupts Price Comparison”
Ellie Kyung, “Speeding Away from the Here and Now: Velocity and Mental Representation”
Ellie Kyung with M. Thomas, and A. Krishna, “When Bigger-is-Better and When It is Not: The Rating Polarity Effect on Product Evaluations”
Ellie Kyung, “Examining the Privacy Paradox: Decreasing Disclosure Through Priming Constraints”
Ellie Kyung with S. Yang, and G. Menon, “An Empirical Investigation of How Three Social Norms Influence College Student Drinking Behavior”
Scott Neslin with K. Pauwels, “Building with Bricks and Mortar:  The Revenue Impact of Opening Physical Stores in a Multichannel Environment”
Scott Neslin with J. Luan, “The Development and Impact of Consumer Word of Mouth in New Product Diffusion”
Scott Neslin with E. Rhoads and P. Wolfson, “A Model and Empirical Analysis of Patient Compliance and Persistence in Pharmaceuticals”
Eesha Sharma with S. Tully, "Discretionary Debt Decisions: Consumer Willingness to Borrow for Experiences and Material Goods"
Eesha Sharma with P. Keller, “A Dollar Saved Is not a Dollar Earned”
Eesha Sharma with P. Keller, “Financial Well-being and Deal Redemption”
Eesha Sharma, “Consumer debt repayment: considerations and effects”
Eesha Sharma with V. Morwitz, J. Klein and A. John, “Proactive charitable giving”
Eesha Sharma with M. Lupoli, “Financial well-being and charitable giving”
Eesha Sharma with S. Tully and H. Hershfield, “Decisions under financial constraints”
Eesha Sharma with M. Blekher and V. Morwitz, “Role of products in charitable giving”

Operations and Management Science

Kenneth Baker, “Trading Off Due Date Tightness and Job Tardiness in a Basic Scheduling Model”
Kenneth Baker, “Spreadsheet-Based Computations for the Flowshop Problem with Synchronous Transfers”
Laurens Debo with G. van Ryzin, “Creating Sales with Stock-Outs”
Laurens Debo with U. Rajan and S.K. Veeraraghavan, “Signaling with Prices in a Congested Environment”
Laurens Debo with G. Sosics and F. Tian, “Green Recycling Networks”
Laurens Debo with S. Iravani, C. Jin, and M. Kremer, “Observational Learning with Large Choice Sets”
Laurens Debo with V. Gupta and L. Yang, “Trading Time in Queues”
Santiago Gallino with R. Cui, A. Moreno-Garcia, and D. Zhang, "The Operational Value of Social Media Information"
Santiago Gallino with A. Moreno-Garcia and I. Stamatopoulos, “Channel Integration, Sales Dispersion, and Inventory Management”
Santiago Gallino with G. Cachon and M. Olivares, "Does Adding Inventory Increase Sales? Evidence of a Scarcity Effect in U.S. Automobile Dealerships"
Santiago Gallino with G. Cachon and M. Olivares, "Severe Weather and Automobile Assembly Productivity"
Santiago Gallino with D. Bell and A. Moreno-Garcia, "Inventory Showrooms and Customer Migration in Omni-channel Retail: The Effect of Product Information"
Santiago Gallino with G. Cachon and J. Xu, "How an E-Retailer Can Profit from the Right Free Shipping Policy: A Model and Evidence"
Santiago Gallino with M. Fisher and S. Netessine, "How Can I Help You? Improving Retail Store Execution through Online Learning"
Santiago Gallino with A. Moreno-Garcia, "Does Inventory Influence Demand? Exploring Billboard and Scarcity Effects"
Santiago Gallino with M. Fisher and J. Xu, "The Value of Rapid Delivery in Online Retailing"
Santiago Gallino with M. Fisher and J. Li, "Competition-Based Dynamic Pricing in Online Retailing: A Methodology Validated with Field Experiments"
Stephen Powell with N. Krishnan, “How Precise are Estimates of the Minimally Important Clinical Difference?”
Stephen Powell with T. Willemain and J. Layton, “The Performance of Novice Data Analysts on an Open-Ended Problem”
Stephen Powell with E. Talbot, K. Allen, J. Bayona, L. Adams, “Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a New Tuberculosis Diagnostic Algorithm”
Robert Shumsky, "Dynamic Revenue Management in Airline Alliances"
Robert Shumsky, "Work Expands to Fill the Time Available: Capacity Estimation and Staffing under Parkinson’s Law"
Brian Tomlin with S. Saghafian, “The Newsvendor under Distribution Ambiguity: Using the Maximum-Entropy Principle to Combine Data with Moment and Tail Information”
Brian Tomlin with L. Dong and S. Tang, “Production Chain Disruptions: Inventory and Interruption Insurance”
Brian Tomlin with J. Gray and A. Roth, “Quality Risk and Contract Manufacturing: Theory and Empirical Evidence?”

Strategy and Management

Ron Adner with J. Chen and F.Zhu, "Frenemies in Platform Markets: The Case of Apple's iPad vs. Amazon's Kindle"
Ron Adner with F. Ruiz-Aliseda and P. Zemsky, “Competitive positioning and Generic Strategies”
Ron Adner, “Diversification and performance: Linking market structure, market relatedness and the decision to diversify”
Ron Adner with D. Feiler, “Interdependence and Investment Choices”
Ron Adner with J. Chen and F. Zhu, “Cross-Platform Competition and Compatibility”
Pino Audia with F. Yao, "The diffusion of an invisible corporate practice: Evidence from stock backdating, 1981-2005"
Pino Audia with M.K. Stimmler, " The symbolic management of performance: Public opinion and attention to performance in a public arena during the Iraq war"
Pino Audia with S. Brion and H. Rousseau, “Self-enhancement and the choice of idiosyncratic social comparisons”
Pino Audia with M. Prato, “Status, centrality in mobility networks, and analysts’ accuracy”
Richard D'Aveni with K. Pauwels, "The Dynamics of Price-Quality Competition: Oligopolistic, Resource-Based, or Hypercompetition?"
Daniel Feiler with J. Tong and R. Larrick, "A Behavioral Remedy for the Censorship Bias in Inventory Decision Making"
Daniel Feiler with S. Sah, "The Disclosure Penalty: Learning to (Dis)Trust Advisors"
Daniel Feiler with E. Taylor, "Leader over-attribution: Managerial dismissal for measurable bad luck in baseball"
Daniel Feiler, "The capability asymmetry: Why my boss underestimates me"
Daniel Feiler with J. Tong, "A model of intuitive forecasting: Cognitive simulation and naive statistics"
Leonard Greenhalgh, "The Economies of American Indian Reservations"
Constance Helfat with M. Campo-Rembado, “Integrative Capabilities, Vertical Integration, and Innovation Over Successive Technology Lifecycles”
Constance Helfat with A. Lipparini and G. Verona, “Ambidexterity in Inter-firm Partnerships: Evidence from Buyer-Supplier Relationships in the Italian Motor Vehicle Sector”
Constance Helfat with K. Boudreau, K. Lakhani, and M. Menietti, “Field Evidence on Individual Behavior and Performance in Rank-order Tournaments”
Steven Kahl with B. King and G. Liegel, "Task Relations, Technological Innovation, and Jursidictional Change"
Steven Kahl with S. Grodal, "Conceptual Strategies: Multi-Level Discursive Analysis in Strategy Research"
Steven Kahl with C. Bingham, "The Logic and Structure of Category Formation"
Steven Kahl with J. Yates, "‘The Hard-Working Obedient Moron’: The Role of Power and Authority In Computer Use in Insurance, 1947–1960s"
Steven Kahl with D. Phillips, "Market Crises and the (Re)establishment of Market Order: A Sociological Investigation of the “Fair Market” Rule Implementation in Financial  Markets"
Adam Kleinbaum, “The Un-Scaffolding Effect: How Changes in Formal Structure Trigger Network Dissolution”
Adam Kleinbaum with C. Parkinson and T. Wheatley, “Spontaneous Neural Encoding of Social Network Position”
Adam Kleinbaum with C. Parkinson and T. Wheatley, “Neural Homophily”
Alva Taylor, "Managerial Risk as Exposure: A New Perspective in Understanding Innovation and Strategic Change in Organizations"
Alva Taylor, "The Temporal Nature of Experience: The Impact of the Timing of Learning on Innovation"
Alva Taylor, "Intra-firm Learning from Innovative Activity: The Role of Situated Organizational Attention"