Academic FAQs

Does Tuck offer a part-time MBA program?

Tuck does not offer part-time programs. Tuck offers only the full-time, residential MBA program.

Does Tuck offer majors?

Tuck does not offer majors. Students are free to specialize in such areas as finance, marketing, or strategy, but they are not required to do so. In the first year, Tuck provides a solid general management foundation. In the second year, students are free to choose electives to tailor their depth and breadth of knowledge in a particular area.

Does Tuck offer a PhD program?

No. Tuck offers only the MBA degree, which allows us to focus our resources and efforts. At Tuck, every full-time faculty member teaches in the MBA program and is committed to its success. And Tuck's focus creates a living and learning environment that fosters close professional and personal relationships among students, faculty, and staff.

How many credits do I need to graduate?

Tuck has three graduation requirements:

  1. 76.5 course credits (37.5 credits for 14 core courses plus 39 elective credits, at least 3 of which must be taken during the first year)
  2. Ethics and Social Responsibility Requirement 
  3. Global Requirement

What is a typical day for a first-year student?

The academic life at Tuck is rigorous and exciting. A first-year student typically attends classes in the morning; spends much of the afternoon studying, meeting with faculty members, or attending review sessions; and spends most evenings working with fellow students in study groups. While the intellectual atmosphere is challenging, it is also supportive and collaborative.

Students are also highly involved in their own career development. Tuck's Career Services provides resources to help students learn about various industries, research prospective employers, create compelling resumes, and hone their interviewing and networking skills.

In addition, students and their partners have many chances to take part in Tuck extracurricular activities—from sports to student clubs to the arts. Tuck students may use all Dartmouth athletic facilities—such as the weight room, pools, dance studio, ski area, boat house, and golf course to name a few. Students may also visit the Hood Museum of Art, the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hanover restaurants, local museums, or take part in a variety of other cultural activities. In short, student life in Hanover is rich and varied.

Does Tuck offer joint and dual degree programs?

Tuck offers joint and dual degrees in association with Dartmouth's other graduate programs and some of the nation's best professional schools. For the latest information on these programs, please visit the Joint & Dual Degrees page on this website. Tuck does not currently offer a formal program for a joint MBA/JD. However, if you are interested in this option, please contact us. If you are accepted at both Tuck and the law school of your choice, Tuck may be able to develop a plan directly with the law school so that you can pursue both degrees over four years.

What kind of computer is required for classes?

You will need to “bring your own device” to campus, and we will have recommendations for which devices will be most compatible with our services.