Course Title

“The Danish Model: State, Market, and Consumers”


Hanne Larsen, Clinical Professor


December 2022

Destination City


Course Description

Denmark, along with other Nordic countries, is often considered one of the world’s most progressive and successful countries. It has a high standard of living due to its globally competitive and innovative economy, it is diverse and egalitarian, and Danes are consistently ranked among the world’s happiest people. At the same time, it has an expansive government and extensive taxpayer-financed welfare system. What is going on? What can we learn from Denmark? This GIX takes a critical look at Denmark and the interplay between state, market, and consumers. We will meet the government, world-leading companies, and everyday Danes. Hopefully, we will also get a taste of the famous New Nordic cuisine and Nordic Noir thrillers. You will return with a sense of why and how the Danish model works, the challenges it faces, and whether it will remain sustainable and relevant as the world ventures further into the 21st century.