Paganucci Fellows Program


Paganucci Fellows on siteThe Paganucci Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for Dartmouth undergraduates to take part in a global experiential learning program being offered by Leadership Development at the Tuck School of Business. In general, the program supports Tuck’s efforts to study complex social issues and the ways in which businesses can create positive social and financial value: in effect, the "double bottom line." It is targeted at students with an interest in social entrepreneurship, an aptitude for working collaboratively as part of a consulting-like team, and an appetite for making a difference in the world.


Five Dartmouth students will be selected to become Paganucci Fellows, a prestigious position that provides a summer internship working closely with a project manager and direction from Tuck faculty. Fellows will identify, collect, and synthesize information and resources to study a selected issue from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. The emphasis will be on understanding how solutions that require cooperation and collaboration between the business sector, governments, and nongovernmental organizations can be formulated and implemented.

2019 will be reflective of recent projects from past summers. Previously, fellows have engaged in projects such as:

Each fellow receives a stipend of $5,000 for the eight weeks during the summer.


We are not currently accepting applications.


Is the program open to all Dartmouth students?
To apply for the program, Dartmouth students must be in active status and in good academic and disciplinary standing. We will not be able to consider any student required to be on campus for their sophomore summer, except for international students and varsity athletes who are already exempted from that program.

Can a student be taking classes while a fellow?
No, as it will prevent full participation in the program.

Is the summer internship a full-time opportunity?
Yes, fellows typically work together Monday-Friday but the times and days may vary.

How long is the program?
The program runs for eight (8) weeks and will begin mid-June.

Is housing provided?
No, fellows must secure their own housing for the summer.

When will you be conducting interviews?
Interviews will be conducted in early April. If we need to interview an applicant who will be off campus during the spring term, we will set up a phone interview.

When will offers be made?
We will make offers on a rolling basis in mid-April.

What is the stipend?
Each fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend for the summer of 2019.

Are there any opportunities connected to the Paganucci Fellows Program beyond the summer?
We expect that there will be ongoing opportunities for fellows to continue their work in some capacity.

May I contact one of the fellows from last summer to ask about the program?
Certainly, feel free to email Anisha Ariff, Nayib Asis Elizalde, Ben Farrar, Ruihan Guo, or Ioana Solomon.  Information about last year's topic and fellows can be found below.


The 2018 Paganucci Fellows worked with Innova Schools, a network of private schools based in Peru that provide affordable quality education to children of emerging middle class families. The Fellows were asked to provide a strategic overview of the education landscape in Peru. They conducted their field research by traveling to Lima to visit schools and to meet educators and administrators, and met with leaders at Innova. Once back on the Tuck campus, the Paganucci team analyzed frameworks and best practices in academic research, learned from parent engagement experts, and interviewed school representatives from around the world. This work culminated in a series of recommendations that address family involvement in education. In addition to the social enterprise consulting project, the Fellows participated in a series of professional and personal development activities as part of an integrated leadership framework and experiential learning program.

Anisha Ariff

Anisha Ariff D'19

Nayib Asis Elizalde D'20

Nayib Asis Elizalde D'20

Benjamin Farrar D'18

Benjamin Farrar D'18

Ruihan Guo D'19

Ruihan Guo D'19

Iona Solomon D'19

Ioana Solomon D'19