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Paganucci Fellows Program

The Program

The Paganucci Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for Dartmouth undergraduates to take part in a global experiential learning program offered at Tuck. The program supports Tuck’s efforts to study complex social issues and the ways businesses can create positive social and financial value: in effect, the “double bottom line.” It is targeted at students with an interest in social entrepreneurship, an aptitude for working collaboratively as part of a consulting-like team, and an appetite for making a difference in the world. In the past, fellows have engaged in projects such as:

  • Working on climate change marketing strategy with Potential Energy Coalition
  • Developing sustainable growth strategies within Intercorp to support Perú Champs
  • Designing resources for MEDLIFE chapters and their work to address global health inequity
  • Working on a digital platform and global strategy for Positive Tracks in US and South Africa
  • Creating an e-learning tool for Global Grassroots in Liberia
  • Advising on short- and medium-term strategy for Instiglio in Colombia

We will begin accepting applications for the 2023 Paganucci Fellows Program early next year.

2022 Program Overview and Fellows

In 2022, the Paganucci Fellows returned to a fully in-person program.  The team of six divided their time between the Tuck Business Bridge Program and a project for Potential Energy Coalition.  During Tuck Bridge, the Fellows were introduced to core business disciplines such as marketing, strategy, and accounting, culminating in a final presentation to industry executives and faculty.  For their project, the Fellows worked with Potential Energy Coalition, a non-profit that brings together creative and analytic media agencies to shift the narrative on climate change.  In addition, the Fellows participated in a series of professional and personal development activities as part of an integrated leadership framework. 

Please feel free to contact one of the fellows from last summer to ask about the program: Diana D’Souza, Nacho Gutierrez, Jason Norris, Reina Palacios, Spriha Pandey, Eren Berke Saglam

Diana D'Souza D’23

Diana D'Souza D’23

Ignacio Nacho Gutierrez  D’25

Ignacio Gutierrez D’25

Jason Norris D’24

Jason Norris D’24

Reina Palacios D’23

Reina Palacios D’23

Spriha Pandey  D’24

Spriha Pandey D’24

Eren Berke Saglam D’23

Eren Berke Saglam D’25