Apr 13, 2020

5 Things We Heard from Companies This Week

By Tuck Career Services

Every year around this time, the Career Services Operations team reaches out to companies to debrief on the previous year’s recruiting cycle and discuss plans for the coming year. This year, and especially amid the COVID-19 disruptions we’re all experiencing, we are committed to connecting with each of our on-campus recruiting partners, both for the purposes outlined above, but also to touch base regarding their company’s response to the ongoing pandemic. We have already talked with over 50 companies and will continue to do so in order to get as much information as possible straight from the source. Here are some themes we are hearing directly from our recruiting partners.

1. They love you (our students)!

Companies are saying wonderful things about Tuck students. This is no surprise to us, of course, but it’s still nice to hear. They raved about their interactions with you during recruiting events and interviews, complemented your level of engagement, noted that you asked great questions, and that your casing is strong. That is a win; keep up the great work!

2. They’re looking to the future and already planning fall recruiting events.

Companies are excited to plan their fall recruiting calendars and are submitting requests for Fall events and interviews at Tuck. We began accepting requests on March 30, 2020 and as we write this, we have 32 events requests and 26 on-campus interview requests with additional requests coming in on a daily basis.

3. They are committed to their employees, including interns and full-time hires.

The vast majority of recruiters we have talked to have expressed that they take the safety of their employees very seriously and are committed to honoring their commitments for internship and full-time roles. They continue working internally to determine the best ways to provide communication, support, and good experiences to everyone they onboard.

4. They’re still working out some of the details, so stay tuned.

While some companies are still sorting out the details of how they will deliver their summer intern programs and full-time onboarding, several have opted to take the plunge and convert their internships to fully virtual experiences (e.g. Microsoft and Amazon). Some are looking at hybrid options, with content delivered virtually along with a few in-person touchpoints throughout the process. And others are considering pushing back start dates and/or adjusting the duration of their internship programs.

5. They’re excited to have you join them!

Regardless of the “how,” they know the value that you add to their company through your talent and energy, and are thrilled to welcome you to their teams. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. Career Services is doing everything we can to stay in front of company plans and communications.

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