Mar 16, 2017

Career Services: Exploration & Other Resources

There’s a very good chance that you’re pursuing an MBA to change jobs—sometimes pretty drastically. Though you might guess some of the services provided by a school’s career office, we imagine there are others that aren’t so obvious. Furthermore, it’s likely that each program you’re considering operates a bit differently. For example, the team in Tuck’s Career Development Office (CDO) prides itself on offering personalized and hands-on support. Additionally, each Career Coach has industry experience within the industries in which they're advising. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll outline the distinct services offered by Tuck's CDO and what they entail. Stay tuned!

Career Exploration

  • Events
    • Career Insights and Exploration trips
    • Excercises to learn about career fit
    • Career exploration sessions
  • Resources
    • Original content to learn about specific industries
    • Employment statistics and lists by industry
  • Coaching
    • Self-assessment and debriefing of results with a CDO coach
    • CDO coach meeting(s) to discuss industry and fit

Other CDO Recommended Resources