Apr 21, 2022

Career Services Insights: Individualized Career Preparation

By Career Services

Caroline Cannon, T’98 shares how she collaborates with Tuck students to craft personalized career plans using a tool she developed called the Tuck Experience Framework. From weighing options and goal-setting, to developing a tailored plan designed to fill specific knowledge and experience gaps, to implementing that plan, filling gaps, and achieving success. Learn how Tuck has helped countless students successfully land jobs in highly competitive fields including tech, early-stage healthcare, sustainability, venture capital, and many more.


Caroline Cannon

Episode 6: Individualized Career Preparation

Caroline Cannon, Associate Director, Tuck Career Services


“The framework itself isn’t rocket science but it allows students to lay out a gap analysis in rows and then build out in columns how they’re going to take down those gaps. And then they can take that information and apply it against their 2-year time frame at Tuck to make sure they don’t miss something that may only come up once a year...The gaps we try to get students to focus on are born out of conversations we’ve had with industry experts.”



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