Saachi Shah T'21

“As an individual who has primarily worked in strategy organizations, I had an intense desire to learn business from a five-foot level.”

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I decided to pursue an MBA to bridge a knowledge gap when it came to operations and execution. As an individual who has primarily worked in strategy organizations, I had an intense desire to learn business from a five-foot level. An MBA seemed like the obvious next step that would help me gain the theoretical knowledge I needed in my career moving forward.

Tuck’s program aligned the best in terms of what I was seeking out of an MBA, specifically from an administration and faculty support, global learning, and tight-knit community perspective. I wanted to be in a location that was not a major city, so I could fully immerse myself in the MBA experience, and when it came to making the decision about where to spend two years, Tuck seemed like the obvious choice.

My eight-week eFYP was by far a highlight of my Tuck experience. I gained an inner self-confidence in my ability to lead and communicate. In addition, I got the opportunity to closely work with four rockstars in my class while learning about the wildfire industry.

Tuck professors are truly committed to supporting the educational journeys of students. During first-year core, a couple of us would spend hours in Professor Praveen Kopalle’s office understanding analytics, while he supported us by answering questions. The dedication to teaching exhibited by Professor Kopalle speaks to Tuck’s learning environment.

Tuck’s alumni network makes us stand apart from other business schools. During recruiting season, I encountered a Tuck alumnus in the technology sector who went above and beyond to connect me with prominent startups in the Bay Area. His openness to helping a person he had never met was a true representation of the Tuck community.

Tuck’s remote location has helped me step out of my comfort zone. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I never saw myself as an individual who would try winter sports. However, living in the Upper Valley motivated me to put on 25 pounds of hockey gear because it was quintessential to the Tuck experience!

In order to succeed at Tuck, it is important to have a vision in terms of what you want to gain out of your two years. There are an immense number of opportunities at Tuck, and it is very easy to get pulled in different directions. However, if you have a goal and vision in mind from the beginning, then you will focus your time on the right opportunities.

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