Apr 04, 2017

Career Services: Interview Prep & Offer Negotiation

Welcome to the fourth and final week of our Career Services series! For content from weeks 1-3, please scroll to the bottom. In addition to everything the Career Development Office offers, your classmates and second-year students will also be huge resources. Reach out to Career Club leadership with questions about specific industries. Tuck embodies a truly personal, connected, and collaborative culture and your career search is no exception. 

Interview Preparation
Job search preparation: Classes and original content to learn about interview preparation

  • Events
    • Facilitated study-group mock interview session
    • Interview-prep classes
  • Resources
    • Reading list to improve preparedness for specific industries
    • Previous interview questions for specific companies
  • Coaching
    • Mock interviews (behavioral and case)
    • How to highlight skills needed for specific role or company
    • Mock interview recording and debrief
    • Discuss potential dynamics of an upcoming interview

Offer Negotiation
Job search preparation: Classes and original content to learn about offer negotiation skills

  • Resources
    • Salary statistics by role, geography, industry, etc.
  • Coaching
    • How to approach an offer negotiation
    • Decisions involving multiple offers
    • How to extend an offer deadline or expedite an interview process
    • How to turn down an offer or interview invitation

In case you missed our previous posts, here's what we've covered so far:

Week 1: Career Exploration & Other Resources
Week 2: On- and Off-Campus Recruiting
Week 3: Networking and Application Prep 

Questions? Ideas for other Tuck 360 posts? Please feel free to post them in the comment section! Also, make sure to stay tuned for online webinars and Q&As that feature Tuck's Career Development Office